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Takhli RTAFB Flight Line - 1969
Flight Line - Takhli RTAFB from the Control Tower


1969  - 355th Tac Fighter Wing

Photo contributions by the following Takhli vets and friends are online in two forms. The Galleries will bring up images and captions in web page format. The other entries currently will display a directory listing the images. Click on any image to view and return using your browser's BACK button.

- The 601st Photo Squadron Det 2 -

We're fortunate to have four members of the 601st Photo Squadron onboard the Takhli roster; Jack Gurner, Dave Snow, John Evans and Steve Wilson. These four photo pros have contributed this collection of excellent  images documenting the aircraft, the base, the pilots and support troops and the people of Takhli village. If you enjoy the galleries - you might take a moment to acknowledge the contributors and their work at Takhli  - each gallery will include an email address. 

The Jack Gurner Photo Gallery -  Jack was a photographer at Taklhi 69-70 and has a load of of photos from his tour and his work in the Photo Shop.  Great stuff and this is the tip of John's iceberg of images.  The 355th TFW highlighted - Thuds, EB-66's,  Col. Bo Bottomly.  It's all here.

Dave Snow's Photo Gallery - Dave was also a photographer with the 601st Photo Squadron and offers his collection of photos -aircraft, Wing personnel, EOT flights, scenes from the base. 

John Evans' Takhli Portfolio - John served with the 601st from Jan 69 to Oct 70.  The 601st Photo Techs were qualified combat photographers.  John had a total of 107 combat missions and five Air Medals when he left Thailand.  He was able to fly Thud, and EB-66 missions out of Takhli and logged about 70 OV-10A missions flying out of Ubon in a tour there from Oct 70 to Oct 71. 

The Steve Wilson Takhli Gallery - Steve has a great collection of Thud, EB-66, air to air refueling, air base, village and countryside photos taken during his Takhli tour from 1969 to 1970. Nine webpages of photos. 

Steve Wilson's Takhli Gallery II - A new set of photos from Steve's collection of Base and Village scenes

Great flying and great photos - thanks to all of our Takhli Photo Techs

Presenting Det 2, 601st Photo Flight as sketched by Dave Snow. Steve Wilson is on the stilts with a Graflex XL camera;  Dave Snow, front left, is being attacked by "Spyman" (real name Schneiderman) ; Jack Gurner is on the sign above "Det" ; John Evans with hair sticking up is on the front row and next to John is  Stewart Hurd with  the flat top and big glasses. From the 1969-1970 period, Takhli RTAFB. 
Scan courtesy Steve Wilson 
601st Photo Flight Website

And lots more of the good stuff from other Takhli Vets and some friends of Takhli

Six Views of Takhli RTAFB - 1969

F-015 Takhli RTAFB 1969F-105G Takhli RTAFB 1970

End of Tour Flight - May 1970 Takhli RTAFBC-130 mission over PDJ - LAOS 106923 mm AAA - Captured in Laos

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