Takhli RTAFB

Bios and More - page 4 - Year 2000 entries

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Steve Arthur
20 Apr 00

My name is Steve Arthur A1C (alias the crazy greek) Stationed tdy 3 months in 1965 and permanet party .1966. Was an auto-pilot tech. Many fond memories from Takhli. Miss that running deer. I stumbled on this sight by accident. Good to see it on the web. Left for seperation Oct. 1966. By the by why isn't there a pic. of the thud with the tiger decor on her?

Steve Arthur

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Ronald (Barney) Barnhill
14 Sep 00

Takhli: Aug 68 - Dec 68, 355AEMS, Nav-Aids

I was only at Takhli for 3.5 months (B66 from Shaw AFB) when the powers that be, whoever they were, decided that I should go to DaNang, VietNam to use my knowledge on the F4. This was great since when they went to the "Squadron Concept" I was assigned to a RF101 squadron (4414Combat Crew Training
Squadron). My F4 experience was on RF4C and DaNang had F4D's and then we got 2 Squadrons of E models. At least at Takhli I had worked on the EB66C and E models.

Oh well someone told me that the greatest Oxymoron he ever heard of was "Military Intelligence."
Great to see we can still have a sense of humor.

Ronald (Barney) Barnhill

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Dan Barry
26 Jul 00

I arrived at Takhli in Jan 70 where I was assigned to the 44th TFS as a Weasel and Strike pilot. I remained there until about Sept when the base was closed and the WW crews transferred to 6010th WWS at Korat. Dan Barry (rank at that time was Major)

Dan Barry

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Howard Bodenhamer
14 Nov 00

Takhli: Pilot, F-105 354th TFS Jan 67-Aug 67

More to come. Check six!

Bodie -- Howard Bodenhamer
2725 Palo Duro Drive
San Angelo, TX 76904

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Ralph Brewer
14 Mar 00

Just happened to stumble on to this site and read some of the log entries. They brought back a lot of memories from what now is a very long time ago. I was a three striper in Avionics Maintenace (F-4C/D/E Weapons Controls Systems) who was sitting fat, dumb and (un)happy in DaNang when the whole base got "Secret" orders to go to Base "X" o/a a certain date (August or September if my failing memory serves me). Anyway, we had pretty much figured we were going to Thailand, just didn't know which base.

Got to Takhli after a very long C-141 ride down the length of Vietnam and then a hard right turn to overfly Bangkok and on in to Takhli. The base looked pretty grim since it had been closed for a couple of years. Tall grass everywhere, the hooches had been all but completely stripped, no lights, etc. There were a bunch of guys from a stateside base (Holloman?) who had been there for a couple of months already and had gotten the worst of the rough edges off the place.

The first night there we had a nasty thunderstorm and after the first round of thunder we were all cowering under our bunks thinking we were still in Vietnam! We worked a lot of long hard hours the first several weeks getting all of our stuff moved into the old Avionics building. I can still remember the smell of the latrines that wouldn't flush because the water only worked occasionally and everyone crowding into the building since it had the only air conditioning on base!

Most of us stayed in Takhli for around 4-5 months. We saw the F-111s come in and make a bomb run up north right after they got there. I seem to remember that they lost one very early on and never did figure out what happened to it. I also remember one F-111 being badly damaged by one of its own bombs bouncing down its side and beating up the horizontal stab to boot. I think the contractors worked on that one down at one end of the flightline for a very long time.

I recall going off base in the first few weeks there and only having a couple of very dilapidated looking bars to go to. By the time we left there must have been nearly a hundred assorted establishments that seemingly sprung out of the ground over night!

After several months we again pulled up stakes and the majority of us moved upcountry to Udorn Thani RTAFB. Much bigger place than Takhli (with the prices for required diversions a *LOT* higher than in Takhli!) Since I was 21, single and absolutely LOVED Thailand, I tried to extend for another tour, but couldn't...probably a good thing since I understand it got kind of rough there after the war wound down.

Would like to correspond with anyone who was over in that neck of the woods during that time. I'm in the Air Guard in Indiana now so most of my contemporaries here were draft-dodging-Guard (remember FANGS?)babies who spent the war years guarding Hoosier soil and don't have a clue what a bhat bus is!

Ralph E. Brewer Jr., SMS IN ANG
NCOIC Avionics Element
DSN: 724-1332/386
Fax: 724-1372

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Gordon Bricco
10 Nov 00

My name is Gordon F. Bricco. I was stationed at Takhli from February 1966 through February 1967. I was assigned as a member of the first "Flight Line Gun Crew" supporting the 357th TFS Aircraft. I retired from the AF at Lowry AFB, Denver, Co. in July 1980. Retired from Rockwell Collins 1998, and am currently the Vertical Launch Systems Project Manager at United Defense, Minneapolis, MN.

I would be proud to have my name added to the list of others who served at Takhli.

Gordon Bricco

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Ron Brink
22 Sep 00

My Name is Ron Brink. I was a KC-135 Copilot and was TDY to Takhli in April-May 1966 as part of SAC's Operation Young Tiger. I am now a retired Lt.Col. working as a KC-135 simulator instructor at Altus AF

Ron Brink

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Tom Brock
21 Dec 00




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Barry Brown
17 Jun 00

I was assigned to the 355th CSG as an F-105 Weapons control technician from Nov. '68 to Dec '69. Worked on Wild Weasel and other mods.

I remember two interesting nights on the line. One night a weapons tech. was playing "Pilot" in the cockpit of an F105 and jettisoned two 3000 lb bombs in the revetment. On another night while borsighting a 20 mm cannon an airman blew away the borsight board when he fired the loaded cannon at the board.

I would like to hear from others stationed there at that time.

Barry Brown

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Leon Brown
28 Jan 00

My Name is Leon T. Brown USAF Retired T/ Sgt.

I was stationed at Takhli Thailand in 1970 & 1971. I was an A/C elect.system in the FMS Electric shop. I Found a Base newpaper dated Oct.15,1970 The Takhli Times. I returned to Korat RTAFB in 1972 from Myrtle Beach AFB, Myrtle Beach,SC and I live here now

Leon Brown

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Don Bryant
5 Nov 00

Takhli: Oct 65 to Oct 66 Outfit: 355TFW Maint Duty: Control Ncoic P & S

Thank you very much for the Web Site.I found it today. I arrived at Takhli Oct 65 from Biggs AFB El Paso Texas SAC. Most of the personal in Maint Control were from Maconnel AFB.

There was A lot of good times and Bad times during my tour at Takhli. A lot of good friends I have not seen in years. Just a few words that I didn't see in any of the letters. Didn't read anything about Gen. Whip Wilson CO 13AF. He made several stops at Takhli (had a rep as toughest man in the AF) We had a 2nd Lt who was assigned to Maint Control who would run and hide every time the Gen would land at Takhli.

Gen Wilson looked after the enlisted airmen. The Base CO for a short time required everyone to be on base by 2400 hrs Gen Wilson put a stop on that real quick also he allowed senior NCOs to get a place in town if
it was inspected by the Medic. I lived in town for six months.

I retired from the Air Force as a SMS in i969. I live at San Jacinto, Ca I am a member of the VFW at Winchester Ca.

Don Bryant

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Russell Burge
14 Jan 00

I went TDY to Takhli from Nellis in 1972 when the F-111's were sent back to SEA.

I have really enjoyed this web page and it brings back alot of memories. Not much has been mentioned about the F111-s. We were deployed out of Nellis in September 1972 with 48 aircraft and piolts and ground crew to maintain them. We started flying sorties right after we got there and sad to say we had one plane and aircrew shot down on their first mission. We lost a total of 6 aircraft and unfortunately 8 Piolts/WSO's.

I worked out of the "sheet metal" shop and saw alot of battle damage. Also there was a problem with the copper wires going to the fuses on the bombs breaking off and hitting the stabalizers and putting holes in them. Remember one aircraft that came back after fllying into dropping bombs. Not sure if they were his own or came off another F-111.

I was there until March of 1972. I was glad to get the oppourtunity to see another country. I enjoyed my time there except for the fact that we were fighting a war.

We flew 4200 sorties to Viet Nam and everyone did an excellant job.

Russell Burge, SSgt

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Bob Caldwell
21 May 00

I was stationed at Takhli from Jun 67/Jun 68. I was assigned to 355 AMS EB-66 ECM Shop. I worked primarily with a crew rehabing cables and assisting a Lockheed mod team on the checkout of ECM equipment updates. I also worked the EB-66 at Shaw AFB 60/62, Toul-Rosieres AB, and Chamblee AB, France 62/65, and Spangdahlem AB, Germany 69/73.

Bob Caldwell

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Richard Colvard
2 Dec 00

My name is Richard Nolen Colvard and I was in the USAF at Takhli, Thailand (APO: 96273) In the 1967-68 era. I was in the ECM - Electronic Warfare area working on ECM Pods for F-105.

In later part of the year, as I remember back 30+ years, there was quit a commotion involving the AF OSI buzzing around everywhere. There were also unusual problems (failures) with the F-111's - but I did not work on these (I was F-105 Pods).

Was there some type of Security Problem - like a John Walker in the SEA threatre ?? Was the USAF activities (missions) known to the Enemy ????

Richard N. Colvard

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Charlie Day
11 Sep 00

I was TDY to Takhli, as an AF SSgt with the 11ARS from Altus OK, from May 72 to Nov 72. Returned to CONUS and was pcs'd back to Takhli. Stayed at Takhli until transferred to Korat.

Please add me to your roster. I have read almost all of the bios and have looked at every photo. They bring back so many memories. Thanks for the good work.

Charlie Day

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Bill Dekker
16 Jan 00

I was a crew chief on KB-50's station at Yokota AB Japan. On August 6, 1964, (the Tonkin Gulf incident) 8 KB-50's were launched off the alert pad. We didn't know where we were going. After flying 5 sorties out of Guam we headed for Thailand. We ended up at Takhli RTAFB (after 45 hours of duty time!). our families were not told where we were. That was my first TDY to Takhli.

There were no roofs on the old barracks so we had bunks underneath the barracks on the dirt floor. There was one chow hall that served everyone. Believe it or not the base Provost Marshal was an Airman First Class. The beer hall was called the Cobracabana. There wasn't any air-conditioning to be had. Our shower was about 50 yards from the barracks down a jungle path. The showers were corrugated metal with the top and bottoms open. Every night around 2000 hrs. There was a big snake that would slither thru the shower. The guys used to throw bars of soap at it. The snake was just passing thru minding its own business.

Downtown there wasn't a lot to do. I don't know if there was any dependents there at the time. There was a place that was referred to as "behind the lumber yard" the guys would go to be serviced for five bhat. ($1.00).

We were in support of an F-100 Sqdn. From England AFB. They were doing missions over the Plain of Jars. I remember one time that one of their guys went down and was floating in a paddy in his dingy and we were refueling his buddies while they were flying cap and keeping the bad guys away. We flew a bunch of sorties until the pilot was picked up by helo from Tahkli. I did three TDYs down there. We lost one of our aircraft when it had an engine fire and the crew bailed out. The plane went down in a Thai village killing 17 Thais. We had to go in and clean up the mess. It was pretty grim. We had to cut down some trees to remove some r4360 engines and the Thais had a Buddhist priest bless the trees as they considered the tree a living soul.

I don't know if there any guys on the this web site that remember the DB-50s or not, but we never got any credit for serving in Viet Nam or Thailand. Enjoyed your web site and will pass it on.

Bill Dekker
Fairfield, CA

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Skip Dirkes
31 Oct 00

I was stationed at Takhli RTAFB from April 1966 thru April 1967. I was in the 355th Munitions Maint. Squadron and delivered 750 lb "Usuals" to the line. It was my first PCS assignment out of tech school in Denver.

I learned the Thai language and still can speak most of what I learned then today. It was the most memorable tour in my brief 4 year Air Force career.

Skip Dirkes

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William Drawdy
5 May 00

I'd like to add my name to the roster. I was assigned to the 355th TFW from 08 OCT 69 to 27 MAR 70 as an ECM repairman (AFSC 30153)F105 EWS.I transferred from Korat when the 44th TFS moved to Takhli.

William D. Drawdy

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John Drolet
2 Jun 00

I was stationed at Tahkli Oct'68 to Nov '69 in the 1980th Comm Sq -- Tactical Radio Station and MARS station.

Have b/w photos of both old and new station, station duty roster, & tac call signs. Misc photos of base, Thai boxing in Takhli City, etc. Any interest in my posting some of the above to the site? Only discovered your site yesterday and have already spent hours browsing.Keep up the good work.

John Drolet

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Wayne E. Easter
30 Dec 00

355 AEMS 1969-70 Aircraft Radio Systems Tech

The most fulfilling year of a twenty year career. Long hours, hard work, hot-hot-hot, great people, and the reward of finally doing what I'd been practicing for years. Unexplainable closeness to people you would never have met anywhere else. Unspeakable sadness when the message, "Bird down", changes to "Pilot lost".

The USO Club with the only air conditioned place you could go to relax. The absolutely wonderful people who ran it and who looked the other way when people lay down in the cool and went to sleep. The "afternoon monsoon" downpour when we'd walk around, drenched to the skin, knowing that within minutes the rain would stop and we'd 'steam-dry'. Carrying your wallet and cigarettes in zip lock bags - for the afternoon monsoon, but especially during water festival.

The Thai people - the most cheerful, honest, modest, decent people I saw in the 54 countries I covered in my career. Sadly - the way our presence changed and corrupted their culture. Days that lasted forever and weeks that flew by. Then, standing in line on the flightline with baggage and waiting for a line of paleskinned 'newbies' to stagger off a C-130 into the heat that we no longer seemed to notice. Finally we started to move onboard - our Freedom Bird - bound for Don Muong and another Proud Bird with a Cast Iron Tail that would take me back to the world.

I was going back to an assignment that took me away from flightlines and airplanes for the remainder of my career. But just before I stepped onto the boarding ramp, I heard once more, and for the last time, the sound that still haunts me at times - the chest-pounding explosion of F-105 afterburners as another flight of Thunderchiefs went into harms way.

Wayne Easter

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Golden Eaton Jr.
5 Apr 00

My name is Golden Eaton Jr. I was at Takhli Aug 69 until Jan 71. I was in the 355th Security Police Sq. My duty was the Base Security.

I would like to hear from other vet that was there.

Golden Eaton Jr.

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Robert Edmunds
15 May 00

Responding to your web page, I was at Takhli RTAFB , T D Y off and on from Jan 66 to Oct 66, 41st TRW, R/B 66 engine shop. Thanks much.

Robert L Edmunds

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Don Eissler
26 Sep 00

POL FEB. 18, 1966 TO JAN.12, 1967


Don Eissler

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Phil Failla
20 Dec 99

Takhli RTAFB - I was with the 333rd TFS - Aug 68 - July 69 - i was a nose dock chief (nose dock #3) for 105's - we did the major phase work for all 3 squadrons - the guys in docks came from each of the squadrons and it was a bit different from any other place i worked before - working in major phase was truly a learning experience - we took apart so many Thud's i think after all these years i could still do it. i most enjoyed meeting so many guys from the 354th & 357th - I don't want to leave out any of the "shop" guys who were always in the dock, mostly the "tin benders" - gun shop, nav guys and engines guys.

Thing i remember most was the ride back home for discharge to Travis - we were next to land in Okinawa, when all of a sudden the big commercial jet makes like a fighter and goes full power and up hard and to the right - the plane ahead of us crashes and after the pilot expains to us why and what happened the rear of the plane went dead quiet - at least we went home safe. would love to learn what actually happened to those guys ahead in front of us.

Other USAF assignments:

Lackland - 3776th SS - 8/65 - 12/65

Sheppard AFB Texas for Tech School

Shaw AFB, SC - RF 101 Crew Chief - 1/66 - 12/66 - 363rd OMS - my "Voodo's" tail number was #047 - when it got modified it made it to Udorn after i was there about 6 mos. -

Udorn RTAFB - 20th TFS - RF 101 12/66 - 12/67 - worked flight line phase crew - towards the end of the tour the 20th disbanded - many combat losses down to very few birds and never any spare parts - we became the "cannon ball kings" to keep em flying - would love to find a web site for Udorn. if any one knows a site please let me know. "Kill 'em With Film"

Stewart AFB - Newburgh, New York - 4077th OMS - B-57's - 1/68 - 6/68 - first day on flight line -19 degrees below zero - after Thailand it was a shock.

McConnell AFB , KS - TDY - F-105 School - lived at the Lassen Hotel downtown - and it was amazing living like a civilian, going to a day job.

Like to say hello to mike jones of L.A. - larry conover of Orgegon - i'ts been a long time!!

Phil Failla

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Bill Fauth
14 Feb 00

Short stay for me: 9/70-10/70 (about six weeks before being reassigned to Utapao).
Air Traffic Controller with the 1980th Comms SQ.

The base was announced closing before I left the states in Sept 70. When did it close?

Bill Fauth

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Richard Flau
28 Jun 00

I would like to be added to the list of former 355th members. My name is Richard Flau. I was stationed at Takhli RTAIR Base from August 4, 1966 to August 5, 1967. I was assigned to the 355 FMS pneudraulic shop.

I am also trying to locate a buddy who was also assigned to the 355th FMS pneudraulic shop. His name is AL Alvore. Can you help me out. I believe he left Takhli sometime in September 1967. He is from Ohio.

Are patches of the old unit still available? That's how I located your web site was searching for military patches and by chance typed in 355th TAC Fighter Wing using a search engine. I'm amazed at the number of web sites for the 355th. Thanks for Help

Richard Flau

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Don Fudally
14 Nov 00

My name is Don Fudally. I was stationed at Takhli in 68 to 69. I was in the Supply Sqd, with POL refueling on line then at times-I'd be inthe bulk storeage area loading fuel for of them stealing truck drivers .

I used to have to have fun watching the young poshi,s guards stick theor hands in five gls. buckets and pull out baby king cobras our their famous baby pit vipers. Some made a lot of money and some died - hell of an experiance. I still got my Takhli Times.

I'd like to look up a couple of buddys I worked with -- Sgt. Gary Humphrey & A1C F Norris.

Don Fudally

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Richard Gammenthaler
17 Mar 00

I will never forget my arrival at Takhli in December 1967. It was my 3rd night there and I was lying in my bunk one evening. My assigned dorm was one of the white ones that were to the West (?) of the road into the base at the South (?) end of the runway. I could hear one of the planes approaching when all of a sudden there was a big BOOM and the sky lit up.

Being fresh to SEA, I thought we were being attacked by the enemy! I jumped out of bed and went outside to see what had happened: a B66 had crashed on the opposite side of the runway!...sick feeling. If the plane had veered to its left instead of its right, it would have gone into the barracks. One other memory was of the night of July 4th, 1967. I was on the dorm landing enjoying the sultry air and watching 3 of the F111s doing touch-and-go's. On one pass over the runway, they apparently dumped fuel into their exhausts and became flying torches.

What a sight that was! Good memories!"

Richard Gemmenthaler

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Charles Greenslade
10 Nov 00

I was browsing the net and ran across the web site for veterans of Takhli RTAFB. I've been looking for a site like this for a long time and was glad to find this one.

I was stationed at Takhli from Sep 72 thru Jun 73, then moved up to NKP RTAFB until Sep 73. I was assigned to the 366th Base Supply, Document Control Section.

After rotating back to Hill AFB, Utah, I returned to NKP RTAFB in Jan 74 thru Mar 74 TDY before ETS. from Hill AFB in April 74. I came back in the US Army in 1977 (would have liked USAF, no openings) and retired from the Army in Jun 1993 from Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

I would like to thank you for yours and any others efforts to put this site together, it brought back a lot of memories, of course.

Charles F. Greeenslade

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Tom Helbing
3 Mar 00

My name is Tom Helbing. I was stationed at Takhli from June 1967 to Oct 1968. I worked in the POL Section. Attached is a picture from the 1967 Bob Hope Show. I have more if there is interest.

[note: I'll try to get Tom's picture online a bit later -- dw]

Tom Helbing

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Donald Henry
5 Oct 00

Hi, my name is Donald "Alan" Henry. I was assigned to the 49th TFW , Holloman AFB in 72-73. In May of 72 I went to Takhli, TDY, I was a F-4 crewchief. Came back to states in late Oct. or early Nov. of 72. My rank was E-2 when I first went and came home an E-3.

Had a good time, worked hard and played even harder, went back to Udorn in 73 and stayed until May of 75, went to D.M. in Tucson. I'm looking for any old Buddies, especially John Pavkovich. Love yourwebsite so far, haven't seen all of it, will look for old photos to share. Hope to hear from people.

Alan Henry

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Dave Holcomb
1 May 00

I was with the 484th OMS from Turner AFB, Ga as a flying Crew Chief on KC-135's. We were on
rotation as Young Tiger/ARCLITE. I was stationed several times during 1965 - 1968 to Takhli, Don Muang and Utapao.

My best memories are of Takhli and the dog named 'Major' who got on the bus each morning and got off at the chow hall for handouts, then got on the bus again and went home.

My airplane was also used for a Colonel who had gotten his 100th refueling mission in the combat zone who made a low altitude pass (buzzed the runway) and was grounded but he was going home anyway. What a sight, a KC-135 about 100 feet off the deck with gear up.

I also remember the Takhli Hut, Suzies, pineapple in the morning, Frank Sinatra Jr and Terry Thomas in a show at the theatre. Water tanks being blown up by the folks in black pajamas. Thanks for this site, it brings back old memories.

I happened to be in Takhli in May 1965 when my school chum, Jerry Hunter, a pilot on a F-105, was shot down. A F-105 with his aircraft number, is at the city park in our home town of Douglasville, Ga, which was named in his honor. I was later transferred to Minot N. Dakota and returned to Takhli and Utapao a couple of times before getting out in 1968 and spending a career with Lockheed on the C-141/C-5A and C-130 as a Tech Rep Manager.

Dave Holcomb

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Greg Holp
19 Apr 00

Ran across your Takhli Roster today. Name is Greg C. Holp, I was with the 474th TFW, assigned to the 430th TFS. I was at Takhli TDY from Nellis AFB 72' and again in 73'. Duty was in documentation/Intell.

I was with the 430th TFS for 4 yrs. Left active duty in 1975. During that time my commanders were Lt. Col. James Black, killed in F-111A, Lt. Col. Eugene F. Martin and then Lt. Col. Richard Fleitz, as well as squadron personnel Robbie Van Sickle, Maj. Coltman, Lefty Brett, Maj. Ewing. All of whom will remain as a privilege and an honor to have known and worked with along with all the other individuals who served there and our sister squadron the 429TFS.

It was nostalgic to run across names that brought back memories both good and sad.

Greg C. Holp
Dayton, Nevada

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William K. Howland
25 Jan 00

I was stationed at Takhli from March of 1968 to March of 1969. I was assigned to the ECM Branch of the 355th AMS. I performed maintenance on EB-66s, primarily the "C" Models.

All the best,

Bill Howland

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Willie J. Huffman
14 Sep 00

I came acroos your roster while reasearching some information. I thought you might like to add my information to your roster.

Willie Huffman july 66-july 67 354th TFS Scout 2 driver

Also, i was wondering if you could help me to find out some information that i am in search of:

1) Dates when a documentary for CBS was filmed in Da Nang (topic was f-105 bombing campaign
2) Dates for when maintenance were sent to Vietnam to repair battle damaged aircraft from the squadron

if you could help me by answering or directing me to the answers to these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

Willie J. Huffman

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Martin Hussey
4 Sep 00

For many years I thought the GI’s in Thailand were a forgotten bunch. I happened to type "Takhli" into my search engine for some unknown reason and I found your page, what a welcome sight.

Now for some data about me: Martin P Hussey AF11619290 Airman second class at the time. In Thailand from December 1967 to December 1968 - All spent on Takhli RTAFB Member 355 A&E, working fire controll systems on F105D&F

Martin Hussey
http://home.adelphia.net/~mph222 my Takhli Website

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Richard James
20 Jan 00

I was stationed in at Takhli from Oct. 1965 to Oct. 1966. I was then an Airman Second Class (don't have those anymore), I came from McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas and returned there after my tour. I worked on the F-105's as an Autopilot Tech. (flight line).

I made numerous returns to Southeast Asia after my PCS in a TDY status. I was also at Korat a number of times. I'm a retired E-6 now.

Richard A. James

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Herman D. Jones
21 Sep 00


I was stationed TDY from Seymore-Johnson AFB, 4th Tactical Security police from I believe November '66 until June or July, 1967. Wasnt much there when we arrived, but we where building like crazy. Flying F-105's before they got thier war paint.

Herman Deacon Jones
c/o Dwight.H.Jones@NSamericredit.com

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Mikell Kiersey
9 Feb 00

sept72 -feb73 4101st SAC AREFSQ.

Crew chief/ de briefer. Need to find Col. roger brooks i was the one flying combat missions on crutches then de briefings sac and 111 road runners. i was tdy from travis, my acft flew the one millionth sortie you will se my photo in Altus Times, king cobra that was us. Please contact me mikellk@NSaol.com

Mikell Kiersey

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Art Laasko
1 Mar 00

What an interesting site. I was TDY from Seymour-Johnson AFB July 65 to December 65. Pinned on my Master Sergeant Stripes there in Dec 65. Returned again in April 70 and later transferred to Korat when the base closed for the first time around Sept 70. Completed my year at Korat and rotated to GAFB in April 71. Both assignments were with the AMS squadrons.

I worked the flight line as a Fire/Weapons Control Tech 322X1. I retired in 74 and went to work in the aerospace industry two weeks later, retiring with twenty years from Northrop Corporation also. Please add my name to the roster of all the others who so proudly served.

G.Art Laakso

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Gary Larrison
18 Apr 00

I was staioned at Takhli twice in 1972. I first arrived at Takhli in June of 1972 TDY from Grand Forks, N.D. . I was sent back in September after I went to U-Tapao for a while with the 307th FMS. I returned to Takhli and the 4101st ARS (Prov) . I was a FMS electrician . I would like to add a story or two of my own. Thanks

Gary Larrison

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Roy Lee
26 Mar 00

AFSC 43191 Line Chief TDY with F-111 Mar to Nov 1968 Harvest Reaper/Combat Lancer, 428 TFS Also Line Chief F-105, 44Th TFS October1969 to August 1970.

We were transfered from Korat in early October I usually worked nights on the F-105. My boss during this time was "Pete" Peterson--One Hell of a nice guy!

Roy D. Lee

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Larry Leonard
6 Feb 00

It is pleasing to see OUR contribution to the Viet Nam effort not going unnoticed, even if it is with-in our own "family". Strange, I find myself looking and thinking back more and more the older I get. I think I find myself wanting to be sure the true and ultimate sacriface our piolts gave do not go unnoticed or ever forgotten.

I arrived with my group in June 1966 and was at Takhli until I returned to the states in January 1967. Our group (Operation Limelight) had been at Yokota, Japan . While at Yokota, I was assigned to the 441st Field Maint Sq.. Then, when arriving at Takahli, I was assigned to the 355th Field Maint. Sq.. That pretty much is my history pertaining to my association of or Takhi family.

Lawrence (Larry) Leonard, Jr.
Enfield,N.H. 03748

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Benjamin Lopez
25 Nov 00

My name is Benjamin Lopez---Sgt. E-3--- and I was in Takhli from April 72 to September 72.

I was in the 7th tac fighter squadron with the 49th tfw. In September I returned to Holloman and then discharged in January of 1973.

Benjamin Lopez

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Arthur N McAninch Jr.
5 Mar 00

I was an EB-66 pilot at Tahkli from July 1967 to July 1968 in the 42 TEWS. During that period, I was also the Wing Communications Officer as an additional duty. I was a Captain at the time.

I flew all the models of the B-66 that we had there, as I sometimes flew for the 41st in the C model. I flew most of the test hops on the B-66s during my tour. I met the USAF liason officer stationed with the Thai F-86 wing. He flew a test hop on one of their F-86Fs on a day that I had a test hop on a B-66. We joined up in formation and then made a pass over the base with me flying the #2 position. The word got around the base among all the Thais, and I was their "Number One!" because I was willing to allow a Thai F-86 to lead the formation I was in!

I also took one of our Chaplains up on a test hop one time. He was a Methodist, but I do not remember his name.

I was there during the Combat Lancer program for the combat debut of the F-111 Aardvark. After they lost two airplanes, they were grounded for several months, and I took several of their pilots on missions with me so that they could get their flying time and combat time.

On one mission over Hanoi, I got bounced by a Mig 17 and was able to evade him with the help of my F-4 Mig Cap. On a mission over Haiphong, I got to see a SAM up close enough to know that it had numbers on the side of it! Why it didn't go off, I don't know!

On a B-52 support mission one night, I lost an engine and remained on station long enough for the Buffs to exit the SAM ring, and then I recovered at Ubon RTAFB.

The missions I did not like were the C-130 leaflet drops over North Vietnam at night. We would S turn at 16,000 feet just above the C-130 with 20 % flaps down just above stalling speed! I have a number of photos and some memorabilia.

After I returned from Tahkli, I went to Scott AFB and was in the initial cadre to fly the C-9A Nightingale as Medical Air Evac. I did that for seven years until I retired in January of 1975. I am now a missionary pilot for Agape Flights, Inc.,based in Sarasota, FL, flying a Fairchild Metroliner to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

Have a great forever!

Art "Flying for Jesus!" McAninch
Capt. USAF FR59072A

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Kenneth D. McClintick Jr.
1 Nov 00

I was stationed at Takhli from May 1968 to May 1969 where I served as an aircraft electrician assigned to the 355th Field Maintenance Squadron. I went over from McConnell AFB as an A1C and was promoted to SGT. before returning to the states. I was awarded the AF Commendation medal for service there at my next duty station (Hurlburt Field by Colonel Robert W. Gates). The shop chiefs I worked for were MSGT Drennan and SMSGT Messler.

Currently I work for Boeing on the C-17 program as a planner. Had the pleasure of meeting Colonel Jack Broughton a couple of years back at a Congressional race kick off for B-1 Bob Dornan.

Ken McClintick

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Mark McCullough
14 Nov 00

Assigned to the 355th Supply Sq, Dec 69-Dec 70. I returned to Takhli for another tour, Jul 73-Aug 74, with the 6280th Supply Sq. Closed the base twice.

Mark McCullough

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Tom McFarland
2 Jan 00

I was stationed at Tahkli with the 355th MMS from Jun 67- Jun 68. I was a munitions specialist in the bomb dump responsible for preparing and delivering all munitions and missle to the flight line.

I would like to know if there is mechanism for getting in touch with long lost buddies. Thanks for the great web page.

Tom McFarland

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Daniel McIsaac
20 Nov 00

I was at takhli from feb66-feb67, in the 355th not sure if wing or csg, but i was an e4 in military pay-finance, my name is Daniel McIsaac. I opened up the finance office at takhli. I was sent up with a crew of 5 people from don muang, bankok first we came tdy on payday's then we got sent pcs. while we were tdy in the early days had to use hand crank adding machines, and when the sun went down we had to quit- could'nt see any more.

Remember Christmas of 66 Hanoi Hannah told us on the radio, we had a crooked christmas tree in front
of the headquarters building, and of course she was right.

Daniel McIsaac

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Paul McPherson
26 Mar 00

Went PCS from 6515th FMS Edwards AFB to Takhli RTAFB in Sept of 1966 and departed in Aug 1967. Was a part of the AGE shop while there. Was there for about 6 months, as I remember, before the United States officially acknowleged that we were there.

Had a small American flag on my locker in my hooch that they gave me a hassle about because "We were not there." Many good memories from my days over there. Hope to hear from people who were there at
the same time. Maybe swap some stories.

Paul McPherson

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Jim Mann
5 May 00




Jim Mann

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Anthony Mastrocesare
7 Nov 00

I was stationed at Takhli from 11-67 to 11-68. I was a Crew Chief on an EB-66-C, 55-384 with the 41 TEWS. We brought 384 back from the bone yard and got it back in the air April 1968. It flew just about every day after that.

It was quite a year! Prior to Takhli, I was stationed at Shaw AFB For 2 years with the 363 FMS. We worked on the B-66, RFf4-Cc, and the RFf-101. I also worked in crash rescue. After leaving Takhli, I was stationed at Andrews AFB, DC. Fiirst with the T-39 Outfit then transfered to the Transient Alert Group. I finished up my hitch May 1969 as an E-5 Staff Sargeant. My AF career was short but very exciting to say the least.

Tony Mastrocesare

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Agu Medvedev
16 Jul 00

I was pleasantly surprised to end up on this web site. My name is Agu Medvedev and I was a 1st Lt. team leader with the 1st Mobile Communications Group (1st MOB) out of Clark AFB when we received classified orders to reopen Tahkli in 1972. Our deployed outfit was commanded by Maj. Haldemann (Jim, I think).

Our motto First In, Last Out held true. Along with other select Air Force advance tactical units we descended upon Takhli with a mobile control tower, a mobile Radar Approach Control Center (RAPCON), a mobile Precision Approach Radar (PAR) system, a mobile TACAN, a mobile communications center (DSTE) complete with full encryption systems, a Troposcatter system, a slew of generators to power these systems, jeeps, weapons carriers and deuce and-a halfs, all on a gaggle of C-5's, C-141's and C-130's. Added to that we brought our own rations, water buffalo's and weapons. The 1st MOB had already spent much of the war supporting SEA efforts, often classified, under the jurisdiction of CINCPACAF then a Navy Admiral. We were Air Force but looked more like army to the casual observer. We were prepared for a bare-base deployment and were not disappointed. Tahkli had been gutted out following its last closure and very little of material value remained.

We knew we had limited time to prepare for units arriving from the states (such as the 49TFW). The Air Traffic Control and navigational aids systems were especially important to permit the safe influx of cargo, material and personnel and eventually of tactical fighters. There was very little sleep and much work, but we had all done that before.

One of my fond memories is of our departure out of Clark. Knowing this would be a long deployment, a blind eye was turned when several of our VERY large communications vans were loaded with hundreds of cases of San Miguel beer. As I said, the 1st MOB had been in SEA for many years, often working side-by-side with Army and Marine elements and in places like Tay Ninh, Da Nang, Monkey Mountain, Khe Sanh and we knew some creature comforts would just have to find their way with us. When the vans reached the debarkation port, it was obvious their weights no longer matched what was printed on the side of the vans. The Air Force cargo specialists, who wanted a look inside the vans were assured the weight differences were because of the crypto equipment they carried, and no - they couldn't look in because the vans carried classified equipment, had been lead sealed and were under CINCPACAF's orders.

I remember Major Haldemann traded several cases of beer a few weeks later to an SP officer for some airmen to guard our perimeter at night and give our men some respite from sentry duty. How sweet it was.

Agu Medvedev

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Daniel Miller
8 Oct 00

Ii was assigned to the 357 th. weapons from Mar 67 -68. Ii also have many photos, super8 movies of many good times and will share with
you all. More to follow.

Dan Miller

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Jerry Mykitschak
28 Dec 00

I was stationed at Takhli from Sep'70 until the spring of 1971, when Takhli was supposedly closing down. I was in one of the final security police groups
to phase out. I left Takhli and went to U-Tapao for the duration of my rotation.

Who remembers the CIA compound at Takhli?

Jarema (Jerry) Mykitschak

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Joe Olvera
13 Jul 00

My name is Joe Olvera and I was stationed in Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base from July, 1966 to July, 1967. I forgot the name of my Squadron, but I just know that I was at Headquarters, working, first in Billeting, later I was tranferred to the Data Processing Department, where I supervised several Thai employees, and some G.I.s.

I went to Takhli from Travis AFB, where I was stationed for two and a half years. I truly enjoy your website. My brother, Simon Olvera, was also in Takhli, about four years after me, and he told me about your site.

Joe Olvera

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Jim O'Neal
4 Oct 00

I was stationed at Takhli for a year during 1969 and 1970. I was a Master Sergeant at the time and was a APN-131 Doppler System Technician. Being the junior M/Sgt, I worked the night shift in the Avionics Maintenance Squadron. I also worked 3 evenings each week in the Base Library. I began working with the F-105 Doppler system in 1959 at Seymour Johnson AFB, then to Yokota, Japan, Korat, Thailand and McConnell AFB, Kansas. I spent 14 years with the Thunderchief and the great men who flew and maintined them. It was truly the workhorse in Southeast Asia and did a marvelous job, especially with the constraints placed on it.

I remember the fund drive to raise money for the Thai Air Force across the runway and the hours I spent in jail before my friends paid to bail me out. Many others shared the cell and it was quite funny. I also remember the radio announcer that wore the diapers around base and got sunburned. The worst memory was suffering a kidney stone and having to walk to the hospital and spending 4 days there until the kidney starting working again.

Thanks for initiating the site. I will be sure to bring it to the attention of the few people I still have contact with. I would love to hear from some of my pals, but saw none of them on the list. Hopefully, many others will see the site and respond. I am now retired and living in Florida.

Jim O'Neal

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Jerry Parker
31 Oct 00

Takhli -June 66 thru July 67 EB66B's from Chambley,France to Takhli.

Please put my name with my fellow Americans. 1968 Bein Thuie South Vietnam 22nd Tass, O1 Birddogs FAC'S, TRIH VIEN, U.S.Army Advisory Team #72.

Born a Crew Chief, probably will die a Crew Chief. Retired USAF MSGT 43190AFSC 1983. Retired WG-10 acft mechanic Federal civil service 1997 from the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center-Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson, Az.

Jerry Parker

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John Pavkovich
16 Nov 00

Hi I was told by a friend about this site. I was stationed there from May 72-Nov 72 49 TFW F4 Crew Chief.

Never thought I would see that place even in pics. Sure was a good time in my life and a building stone to my future.

John H Pavkovich II

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Travis Perrenot
24 May 00

I arrived at Takhli early in Oct. of 1969. My initial assignment was as Crew Chief to L/Col. Richard (Dick) Little, Commander of the 333 TFS. His Acft. was 60-451, that later was the last F-105D lost in the war. After TSgt Ron Bradley moved up to expeditor I became C/C on 375 assigned to Col. Bottomly. I was his C/C until Col. Anderson became wing commander.

I remained Col. Anderson's C/C until I rotated in Oct 1970. This was when SSgt Dennis Townsend was "Hand Picked" to become crew chief for the deployment of the A/C to the US. What a tour that was. I had a string of "first" and "last" accomplishments that I was lucky to survive!!! Col. Bottomlys "last" Crew Chief. Col. Andersons "last" Crew Chief . Last American ran over in Thailand in 1969. (long story). Survivor of the early morning "attack" on the Takhli end of runway crew! (another long story), having the honor and privilege of getting to paint and letter the names on many of the 333's aircraft. (didnt have to buy a lot of beer, thats what I got payed in), The arrival of the first American women in Thailand and one that really hurt, losing the last "D" model , piloted by Capt. Douglas F. Mahon, in Apr. of 1970 in combat.

Somethings are burned into your memory, even when you would rather forget them. And of course the infamous "Hand Picked" attack of the killer 'maters as related by Jim Traywick. To everyone who was part of the history of Takhli and the 355 TFW, I take my hat off to you all.

Travis Perrenot

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Darryl Petersen
13 May 00

Was at Takhli 12/65 - 12/66. Cross-train from AGE (AFSC 42153), to munitions (at Lowry AFB), for that year.

Bomb dump - finning bombs & hauling to flightline. Among other things. Was an A1C/6 years at the time.

Darryl Petersen Amateur Radio KD0PY
Clinton, IA

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William Poe
21 Oct 00

I am retired CMSgt William M. (Bill) Poe. I was stationed at Takhli several times in the middle 60's. I will have to dig out my records to find out the exact dates; however, I was a SSgt in the Munitons Squadron. I was TDY several times to Takhli from Yokota AB Japan (6441st) and we were on 30 & 90 days TDY rotation, until the 105's moved (lock, stock & barrel) to Korat (and opened it up).

I worked mainly in the Bomb Dump and in the Fuze shack on the flight line. I remember living in a tent cover hootch right across the street from the Officers Club (at the time) Swimming Pool. And I remember having to walk the long "boardwalk" from the hootch area to the Fight Line.

Don't remember too much of the night life & downtown area, but I was a frequent visitor to both of those. That's all for now. I enjoyed the Web Site and I will be back again.

Bill Poe

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Raemon Polk
5 Mar 00

I was the Explosives/Missile/Ground Safety Officer at Takhli from Jan 1970 until Dec. 1970.

I have a few pictures of Thuds… some with holes in them, some in other distress…as well as the usual town photos.

Raemon Polk
Captain while at Takhli

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Larry Price
6 Mar 00

I was a crew chief on F-105's in the 354th TFS frm May 67 to May 68. My aircraft was 4415 "Our Sweet June"!
I have nothing but good memories of those days.

Larry Price

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Earnest Ratliff
9 Apr 00

I was a Thud pilot (mostly F-105D, occasionally F105-F model) at Takhli from August 1968 till I was dragged to 7th AF (then Saigon) with heelmarks all the way in January,1969.

Earnest Ratliff

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Nathan Reiss
2 Apr 00

When I was there Takhli was one of the busiest airfields in the world. I have some memories about the place that I hope to send to you shortly when I have a chance to write them up. There were a lot of bizarre, other-worldly things going on there, beginning with the first morning when I came to report for duty at the base weather station --- the chief forecaster was in the midst of a wrestling match with a king cobra that he had been keeping as a pet in a cage behind the building, and which had somehow gotten loose that morning.

After leaving there I lost track of what was going on there, so it will be interesting to read people's reminiscences. Actually I had no easy way of finding out what was happening there, because theoretically it was all classified.

After Takhli I spent a year as Detco at the weather detachment at Brookley AFB in Mobile, AL, and then left the USAF to go to graduate school. I eventuallly became a meteorology professor at Rutgers University here in New Jersey, and retired about three years ago.

Nat Reiss

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Tommy Rogers
13 Aug 00

I served at Takhli 65 66. We were TDY from Seymour Jjohnson via Yokota Japan. I believe the unit that replaced us was the first
permanent unit at Takhli. 355th I think. I was a crew chief on Thuds. Great memories.

Presently employed by Miami Dade Police Department 34years.

Tommy Rogers

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Dan Rush
24 Mar 00

I graduated from Park Hill High [Parkville MO] in '66, messed around awhile then joined the Air Force. Stationed at Wichita, Ks on the 105's, went to Takhli in 69, came back in 70 and wound up in Big Spring, Texas. From there I went to RAF Upper Heyford, England on the F-111's, returned to the states at Williams AFB, Az and taught with a Field Training Detachment. I took my discharge from there after 12 years and joined the private sector.

It would be good to find some of my old friends from Takhli, I've lost track of them over the years.

Dan Rush
Smithville MODRush64089@NSaol.com

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Chuck Scherer
29 May 00

I just discovered the website today and really enjoyed browsing through it. It sure brings back a lot of memories.

I was stationed at Takhli from June of 1967 to June of 1968. It was a very interesting time of my life. I was a buck Sgt. in the 355MMS. I worked in Inspection section and then in the storage function of munitions. From time to time I spent time in the build up section when the anticipated frag came down as something different.

I have a lot of pictures I took over there and will have to see if I can find them. I may try and forward them along for others to view.

Chuck Scherer

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Carl Schultz
10 Oct 00

I was assigned to the 355th MMS as a munitions specialist. Stayed in the Air Force and retired as a Chief in July 1990.

I was stationed at Takhli from April 1965 to May 1966. Hard to believe it has been over 30 years

Carl Schultz

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Tom Sentman
29 Apr 00

I'm enjoying the website very much. I served at Takhli first as a TDY photo officer from the 600 Photo Sq. in Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam and later as Commander of Det 2, 601 Photo Flight (May 67- Mar 68)i. The photo of the bridge drop in the Takhli Times came from a KB-18 strike camera.

The F-105, EB-66 and KC-135 combat crews, crew chiefs, maintenance, and support personnel there did a superior job with extremely difficult and continuously frustrating restrictions on air operations. I am so glad to see the web site that has been created. It brought back so many memories of that time and place 32 years ago. I even chuckled when I saw Nit Noi.

Some great shots from numerous individual photographers and members.

The story of the CIA account was interesting too. Some airplanes that frequently flew to/from this base was a U-2 from a special compound behind the Thuds, Southern Air Transport 727's that moved cargo (I always wondered if D. B. Cooper of parachute fame got his start with the CIA operation mentioned) and occasional special mission KC-135's that stopped in after SR-71 refueling operations "up North".

Thanks for the memories,

Tom Sentman

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Dennis Shank
16 Oct 00

Just found this web page today!! Can't tell you how many memories this brings back for me. My name is Dennis Shank, I was TDY to Takhli from Nellis AFB from Sep 72 till Mar 73 when the treaty was signed.

I worked in the jet engine shop along with the rest of my buds from Nellis. As I look back now, those months in Thailand were probably the best times I had while on active duty! I got off active duty in Aug 75, and had a seven year break in service, then I went into the ART program at WAFB on the F-4D's. I'm still in the Reserves today, as a MSgt. working at Tinker AFB. I'm also a civil service employee in the C-17 SPO (System Program Office), Quality Assurance Manager.

As I didn't recognize any of the names from your roster's, I'm hoping someone will see mine, that maybe they'll remember me, or someone else from our shop!! I do remember the night one of our birds blew up on the flightline, I know I have some pictures of what was left of the afterburners taken from a reventment. I also remember the snakes, monsoon rains while while working on the ramp at night, and the dogs running around eating those huge rice bugs. And who can forget all those nights spent downtown in the F-4 bar, and others.

I want to thank you for putting this page together, it's great, keep up the great work. Will be checking this page often now, to see new developments, and to look for names of people I remember from a long time ago. I can be reached at dshank4345@NSaol.com, or dennis.shank@NSwpafb.af.mil, hope to hear from anyone who was there in the same time frame. Thanks again!

Dennis Shank

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Larry Sheets
8 Sep 00

I was stationed at Takhli from Feb. 1967 to Feb. 1968. I worked in the 355 FMS Sheet Metal Shop which was located just across
the drainage ditch, in back of the Phase Docks. . I have many fond memories of Takhli and the great group of people I worked with.

After getting out of the Air force in July 1968, I moved to Miami, Florida in Oct. 1968 and went to work as a Sheet Metal Mechanic for Eastern Airlines. I remained with Eastern till the Machinists strike in 1989. I am currently a lead Mechanic for American Eagle Airlines here in Miami.

I would like to hear from anyone who worked in the 355 FMS Sheet Metal Shop during the time I was stationed there.

Larry Sheets

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George Sherwood

My name is George Sherwood, was with the 354th, 1967, whole year, crewed 0127, and others.

Thanks for sight.

George Sherwood

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Joe L. Simons
16 Feb 2000

Aug 74 as NCOIC of fligh operations for the 428 TFS ( BUCCANEERS).
Please add my name to the Takhli list. I am looking for other BUCCANEERS.

Joe L. Simmons

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Ross Simon
1 May 2000

Count me in: Ross Simon Feb-Sept 1968, Det 2, 601st Photo Flt Commander
Been a long time

Ross Simon

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Bill Smith
25 Nov 2000

I was stationed at Takhli for one month in 1964 6 May -7 June with 6 F100's from England AFB La. I was in maint and from seeing pictures of Takhli there was lots of improvement all wehad on the map was 2,4,5,6,.

I remember in june 64 there was a 101 pilot shot down in Laos a place called the Plain of Jars? and our pilots tried to assist in his rescue.Sometime in 1965 I was reading a mens magazine with an article about an escaped pilot with the same date and time as i remembered .

I admire all the GI's that were in Takhli and the rest of S.E. Asia because they worked in a extremely harsh environment Good Luck

Bill Smith
Enid Okla.

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Mike Smith
20 Feb 2000

October 1968 to May of 1969 I was a crew chief at Takhli in the 333rd Before I came to Takhli I was at Korat in the 469TFS from May 1968 to October of 1968 then sent to Takhli. smithmd2@NSgte.net

Hope to hear from many others. I was sent to McConnell AFB, Kansas until I got out and went home and joined the 930th cams at Grissom AFB,
Indiana where I worked on the A-37 and then on the A-10 untill I retired in Feb of 1991.

Mike Smith USAF

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Robert Smith
7 Mar 2000

I was stationed at Takhli Jul 73 to Jul 74, I guess when the base closed for the 3rd time. I was in Security Police Law Enforcement (Base Patrol). I spoke with a guy by the name of Mike Day who lives in Alta Vista, Kansas about 6 months ago. He was also their during that time, also in Security Police.

About 4 months prior to DEROS, I along with a bunch of other Law Enforcement types were sent to Security for Base closure. Due to not desiring to walk the damn flightline, I asked what I needed to be or do to be able to work Central Security Control. I was told I needed to be Mortar qualified, well as luck would have it I was, so I worked Alternate Security Control, which was located in the Thai CSC bldg. I mainly played poker the entire shift with the Thai Complotter. Sure did beat walking the flightline or out on some tower in the middle of nowhere.

I have some photos, mainly of the base and the city with all the bars. If I can find them, I will scan them in and send them to you. You have a great website.

Robert W. Smith
127 W 3rd Street
Tonganoxie, Kansas 66086

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Bill Sparks
29 Aug 2000

My name is Bill Sparks and I was at Tahkli from Apr 18 - Aug 1 '65 with the 563TFS and again from may 15 - Dec 4 '67 with the 357TFS. I flew Thuds both tours and was a Weasel most of my 2nd tour. In '65 I had my name on 165, one of the famous birds painted with red and white stripes on the wingtips and slab tips and a big Ace of Spades on the tail. We painted the Sharks teeth on the nose as well. We were TDY from McConnell AFB , 23TFW.

I have never seen better maintenance than we had then. The troops worked around the clock to keep the birds OR. I am still in awe of the guys on the line and behind the line. The pilots had a rather goofy band with a couple of guitars, a banjo (me) and a tub fiddle (Bob Reed). We weren't very good; but we drank a lot. Al Logan and I used to go over to the EM club and set up a round or so about once a week. Logan and I decided that there should be some relief for our over worked and understaffed load crews. We formed a load team, got certified by Vic Cole (Maintenance CO) and would come down to the line about once a week and load for the night. We weren't very good; but, at least a load crew got a night off. Maj. Cole thought that was such a good idea that he formed a team to do the same thing. Tremendous camaraderie in our outfit.

After 63 missions, I rotated home. My second tour I had my name on F-105F 301, the bird that had been Leo Thorsness and then and then Jerry Hoblit/Bear Wilson. My EWO was the Grouchy Bear, Carlo Lombardo. 301 was the best aircraft that I ever saw. We got 156 hrs. one month and were down 8 days for an engine change. The whole flight line was incredible. Everyone busted their butts for the mission. I managed to get 77 Weasel missions with 63 in PAC-6 until Carlo was taken down to 7thAF with Col. Bob White. They made me a strike pilot and I obviously wasn't very SH since I only flew 6 before I got shot down. 5 of the 6 were to Kep, Phuc Yen, Hao Loc, and back to Phuc Yen on 5 Nov. '67. I was picked up by a Jolly Green 75 miles NW of Hanoi and came back to the biggest party I have ever seen. Damn near the whole base turned out to welcome the Gooney Bird back. The Big Kahuna grounded me and kept me around to look after the 3rd RRVA party 1 Dec. As I remember we had a rather good time and I was allowed to make 1 pass to start the Affair. I did manage to put Chappie James flat on his face with the pass. I think that was about all that kept Col. "G" from kickin' my rear end.

I went home with 145 in NVN and about 105 in PAC-6. I retired in '77 and still remember the troops from Tahkli. I will never meet better people and surely never meet any group more dedicated to the mission and to each other. It is a cliche; but, that was easily the high point of my life. Thank you to every one that helped make it so memorable for me.

If any of you are in Las Vegas, Call me at (702) 896-2086 or contact me at sparkies@NSlvcm.com I would like to talk to any one who served at Takhli.

Bill "Sparky" Sparks

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Sam Spice
10 Nov 2000

I was tdy from CCK, I was a crew chief on C-130's. I need help remembering the sq. designator. It was either the 364 or 374 combat suport group.

Sam Spice

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Roger Steinbach
22 Sep 2000

Takhli May 67-68. Night shift F-105 asst crew chief in the 354th TFS.
Retired from the AF in 1986 at Luke AFB, AZ.

Roger Steinbach

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Henry Stone
12 Dec 2000

Dec.65-Oct.66 354TFS night shift expediter

Bitburg AB Dec 60-Dec 63 22TFS , McConnell AFB Dec 63-Dec 65 (TDY Yokota and Osan 65), McConnell ABF Oct 66-Dec 66.
Enjoyed site looking for old friends

Henry "Hank" Stone

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Dale Sturgill
26 May 2000

I was stationed at Takhli from June '68 to June '69 at which time I was discharged at Travis AFB, CA.Prior to my tour in Thailand, I was stationed at McConnel AFB in Wichita and Incirlik AB in Adana, Turkey.

At Takhli, I was a 70251 and shared duties as a clerk with the 355 Supply Sqd. and the Base Post Office.

Dale Sturgill

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Sherman Thomas

Jim Thomas mar.'68-mar.'70. EB66 maint. controller & acft. debriefer. BTW, enlisted hooch area,club & bx area has reverted back to jungle now. Royal Thai side of base going strong, flying f-16's. As of last trip in 1998.

Trying to locate old friend-' SGT. MAX'. full name Maximillion Scheneceniker , or at least thats close.


Sherman (Jim) Thomas

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Pete Velsko

Right out of high school I was fortunate to land a job at Republic Aviation. I was assigned to the F-105 final assembly line where I tested system operations and debugged aircraft prior to heading for the flightline. I also was involved in a fuel system modification project.

In 1964 I enlisted in the USAF and was trained as a aircraft mechanical accessories mechanic. In Sept. 1966 was sent to the 355 FMS Takhli, assigned to work on both F-105 & EB-66's. Made several TDY's to DaNang, RVN to assist with recovery of damaged F-105's not able to return back to Thailand.

F-105's were great aircraft, piloted by courageous men and good mechanics who kept them flying! From Takhli, went on to serve a one year tour (Sept. 67- Sept. 68) at Bien Hoa, Vietnam working on F-100's. Not quite the plane as the 105, but like it, was another workhorse of the Vietnam War. Great website!

Pete Velsko

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Randy Ventress
9 Aug 2000

I was at Takhli only about a month when we closed the base down and went to Korat in 1970. I was a B-66 Crew Chief with the 42 TEWS. I don't have many memories of the area, since I was only there a short period of time, but seeing the webpage brought it back to me, what I do remember about the area.

Randy Ventress

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Chuck Waring
21 Apr 01

I was assigned to the Base Comm center in October 1965. My memories of arriving include seeing a sign: "Welcome to the Land of the Kind Cobra". I came from March AFB where I was on a "mobility roster" so I had my security clearance papers ready and hand-carried them to Takhli, and when the Comm Sqdn Commander saw that he put me to work at the Comm Center ASAP. It was 15 hours later when I got off duty and found my duffel bag in his office and then went and found a hootch to crash in.

The work load at the comm center was enormous. "Operational Immediate" teletype traffic waiting for processing and transmission was stacked up in huge piles. There weren't nearly enough people assigned so I was a welcome sight for the guys on duty, as were all new troups. I doubt seriously I've ever worked as hard as we did then. It was truly an amazing time. We had a period of over 90 days of 12-15 hr. shifts 7 days a week. When we finally got a day off it was party-time, believe me.

The base comm center in 1965 was down at the end of the runway near the staging area, and one of my fondest memories of those days was going out back of our maintenance shack and watching the Thuds taxiing into the staging area at 5 a.m. pre-dawn. Awesome stuff to watch and hear and smell the 105's in full afterburner starting down that runway. Still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Thanks for the memories. I feel incredibly humble and proud to have served in the support effort of some truly amazing people that flew those planes.

Chuck Waring
Takhli '65-'66

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James Washington
Mary Washington
22 Jun 00

My wife and I were at Takhli from 1974 until the wing moved to Korat.

James washington, Jet engine mechanic for the Tf-30 engines of the F-111.
Mary Washington, Supply inventory specailist..

We loved it there.

James and Mary Washington

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Edward Whelan
30 Nov 2000

Hi there, and what a welcome site. I just discovered it and it sure brought back some memories.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Edward Whelan born in Dublin Ireland. I was stationed in Takhli from July 1967 to June 1968. I was Crew Chief on an EB-66, rank Buck Sergeant. I cannot for the life of me remember the Tail No. of the plane, but the darn thing crashed a couple of feet from the end of the runway, coming back from a mission, the day I was leaving to come back to the states. I did manage to get a couple of Photo's and hopefully I can find them.

The experience was great and I really enjoyed my tour. Met some fantastic people and had some great times. Congratulations again on a wonderful web site and I would be very proud if you were to add my name. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MEMORIES.

Edward O. Whelan, SSgt , AF12711770.

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Tom Witte
12 Jul 2000

Stationed at Korat - PCS - 388th TFW - F-105D aircraft electrician - Nov 1964 - Nov 1965
Stationed at Takhli - TDY - 474thTFW - F-111 aircraft electrician - Jan thru Sept 1973

Tom Witte Tsgt (Ret) - USAF

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