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Roster page 5  - 2002 Entries

A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY.  If you were stationed at Takhli at anytime please sign in  by sending an email message to rjw@NSkcsky.net.

The Search Window on the Takhli opening page can help if you're looking for a lost buddy.

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Ameika, Leonard J. 72 49th Security Police Security lainnepa@NSaol.com .
Arnold, Bob Nov 68-Nov 69 355th Supply Sq NCOIC Materiel Facilities
Storage and Issue Section.
vecr@NSearthlink.net yes
Avinger, Ike Jul 67-Jul 68 Det 12, 10th Wx Sq DETCO 1ke-avinger@NSprodigy.net .
Baker, Tom Oct 66-Oct 67 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 tom.baker@NSmisawa.af.mil .
Bassett, Dave Jan 73-Jul 73
Aug 73-Aug 74
474th MMS
347th/6280th MMS
Weapons Mechanic
Weapons Load Crew Chief
dawich3@NShotmail.com yes
Bittle, Kelley 69-71 355th FMS Jet Engine Conditioning KidGimini@NSmsn.com .
Blum, Bud Jan 70-Nov 70 1980th Comms Sq Crew Chief - Mobile Radar Approach Control budorygun@NSaol.com yes
Boyle, Al Sep 72-Oct 73 2083rd Comms Sq Orderly Room Clerk anboyle@NSearthlink.net .
Bullers, Joe Oct 66-May 67 41st TEWS Pilot EB-66 joebullers1@NShtn.net .
Buzbee, Ron Oct 72-Jan 73 474th MMS F-111 Maint liljon51@NShotmail.com yes
Cabrey, Peter June 70-Dec 70 355th SPS Cobra flight and Law Enforcement prc@NSscct.com yes
Calvert, Larry 67-68 333rd TFS Crew on acft #394 LLarcal@NSaol.com .
Cody, Bill Apr 72-Oct 72 9th TRS/49th TFW Crew Chief F-4s WJCODY1@NScs.com .
Comer, James Nov 66-Oct 67 355th FMS Environmental Control Spec sargecomer@NSyahoo.com .
Cook, Walter 65-66 KC-135s TDY Tanker Ops wlcook2205@NSyahoo.com yes
Cool, Mike Apr 72-Oct 72 49th TFW Crew Chief/Phase Mike.Cool@NSejgallo.com yes
Cota, Eugene 67-68 355th TFW Safety Officer elcota@NSpostoffice.pacbell.net .
Cote, Alan Aug 67-Jun 68 355th Avionics Crypto and Radio Repair alanbcote@NSiopener.net .
Craine, Bob Sep 66-Apr 67 41st TEWS Pilot- EB-66C msehd@NSmaine.rr.com .
Davis, Mike Feb 69-Jun 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 62-4259 Dumbluck5@NSaol.com yes
Derro, Ron Jul 72-Jul 73 F-111 Wing Security Police RJD8732@NSaol.com yes
Dewey, Dan 69-70 355th Instrument Shop El Tech ddewey@NSbellsouth.com yes
Dobbs, Bob Apr 72-Oct 72 417th TFS Maintenance Officer dobbsfam@NSearthlink.net yes
Duescher, Duane Sep 69-Sep 70 355th FMS Shop Day Shift Tech midmiboumatic@NSpower-net.net .
Dunning, Bill Dec 68-Dec 69 355th Supply POL/Transportable Fuel Hydrant crew bdunin@NSaol.com .
Duplessis, Paul Jun 65-Mar 66 41st TEWS EWO cyberlink@NSpobox.com yes
Eskew, Gene Nov 66-Jun 67 354th TFS Pilot F-105 weskew@NSyahoo.com .
Evans, Jimmy Jul 73-Jul 74 6280th Supply Sq Inventory Clerk JIMHILLBILLIEWVA@NSaol.com yes
Ferraro, Gregory Aug 69-Aug 70 354th TFS Crewed F-105 Wild Weasel #4415 gferraro@NSoptonline.net yes
Foley, Tom Aug 66-Aug 67 355th CSG Data Systems tfoley21@NSattbi.com .
Franzen, Lyle Jun 69-Jun 70 355th AMS Autopilot Shop LFZEN@NSaol.com .
Frischenmeyer, Francis Mar 68-Mar 69 41st TEWS Phase Dock Mechanic francis.a.frischenmeyer-jr@NSboeing.com yes
Gould, Ken Aug 66-Aug 67 355th TFW Dir Professional Svcs
Commander 355th TAC Dispensary
drkgould@NSearthlink.net yes
Grant, Barry Oct 72-Nov 72 4101 AFRES Instrument Sys Specialist bsgsmsgt@NSmsn.com yes
Griggs, Euell Sep 65-Sep 66 355th TFW . suzbuzz@NSearthlink.net yes
Guidry, Wayne Oct 67-Oct 68 1980th Comms SQ Base Comms Center wguidry@NSyahoo.com yes
Guthridge, Earl Mar 66-Jan 67 355th Supply Sq E-4 bud01g@NSpennswoods.net .
Hall, Harry 68-69 355th FMS Engine shop Harry.Hall@NSAFRC.AF.MIL .
Hall, Robert (Bob) Nov 68-Nov 69 1980th Comms Sq Technician snowflak50@NShotmail.com .
Hartley, Ken Sep 72-Feb 73 4101 ARS TDY/Altus AFB Crew Chief KC-135A HART@NSUREC.NET .
Harwood, Larry 72-73 Instructor Pilot/Advisor
RTAF Wing 1V
A-37B conversion from F-86
HarwoodSC@NSaol.com yes
Herlein, Steve Jul 66-Jan 67 355th FMS Aero Repair s.herlein@NShighstream.net yes
Hickman, John 73 49th TFS - Linebacker II Fuels wtcthsky@NSmurlin.com yes
Hugunin, JimN Sep 68-Dec 68 601st Photo Flight Base Photographer Jim@NSuturn.org .
Jarvis, Richard (Jerry) Aug 69-Jul 70 41st TEWS Navigator EB-66 jerelaine@NScox-internet.com yes
Jiminez, Rosendo "Jim" Oct 68-Oct 69 333rd TFS Crew Chief -B Flight rgaryjimenez@NSnetscape.net yes
Jones, PS 64&65 TDY 523rd TFS F-100s jonescost@NSmsn.com yes
Kasiewicz, Ed 66 357th TFS Crew Chief/Quality Control EDFKAS@NSAOL.COM .
Kathol, Gene May 72-Jul 72 366th TFW Supply Squadron genefk@NStconl.com yes
Kiefer, Ron Dec 68-Dec 69 355th FMS Jet Engine Shop rkiefer@NSrochester.rr.com .
King, William Feb 67-Feb 68 354th TFS Flight Chief bhking@NSalltel.net yes
Kitchens, Bobby Dec 73- SPS/Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant ollhippieinsc@NSalltel.net .
Koczara, James Jul 67-Jun 68 355th Supply Sq New Tool Issue Center jimstah@NShotmail.com yes
Lee, Mike Jun 68-Oct 70 355th TFW MAT Controller Mikeleethatsme@NSwmconnect.com yes
Lewis, Al Mar 73-Jul 73
Aug 73-Jul 74
474th FMS TDY
347th FMS
AGE Repair sws.al@NSverizon.net .
Loredo, Hector Oct 68-Oct 69
355th FMS Aircraft Electrcian hloredo@NSdcmdw.dcma.mil yes
Lott, Steve Oct 68-Jul 69
Aug 70-Oct 70
355th AMS ECM Pod Shop
Pod Shop
scl901@NShotmail.com yes
Lowe, Ralph Aug 65-Dec 65 563rd TFS TDY Fire Control and Weapons Ralph_J_Lowe@NSHotmail.com .
Lowrance, Wayne 69-70 1980th Comms Sq Hilll 260 WLowra8088@NSaol.com .
McGonigal, Rick Jan 69-Jan 70 355th MMS Weapons Release/Pylon Shop rmcgonigal@NSpa.net yes
McGuire, Mik Jul 67-Aug 68 355th CSG Data Systems mmaguire@NSncma.com yes
McQueen, Donald Jan 67-Jan 68 355th Tac Dispensary Pharmacy donanmax@NSswiftwireless.net yes
McVey, Gene May 72-Aug 72 49th TFW Crew Chief F-4 jemcvey@NSbellsouth.net yes
Manzi, David Mar 68-Mar 69 354th TFS Weapons Mechanic manzidm@NSearthlink.net .
Mathis, Tom Apr 69-Apr 70 Det 2 601st Photo Sq Photo Tech/Photographer tom@NSquixnet.net yes
Maurer, Dale Jun 72 49th TFW Crew Chief dmau4@NShotmail.com .
Meehan, Thomas Jul 66-Oct 66 2870th GEEIA TDY Cable Splicer/Lineman thomasmeehan1@NSattbi.com yes
Mock, Stephen Jul 68-Sep 68
Oct 68-Jun 69
355th CE Fire Dept
Airborne Rescueman/Firefighter h43husky@NSfrontiernet.net yes
Monger, Larry Oct 67-Oct 68 354th TFW Crew Chief F-105 gowestbound@NShotmail.com .
Moogan, Dan Mar 67-Mar 68 355th SP Squadron Security Polica dmoogan@NSalliedrichardbertram.com .
Morey, Wayne Aug 67-Aug 68 355th Structural Repair Structural Tech wmorey@NSswoi.net .
Morris, John Nov 65-Oct 66 355th FMS-AGE Shop Maint/Flightline Delivery johnm@NSinna.net yes
Morrison, Wayne 72 . Weapons Loader Nitnoy_2010@NShotmail.com .
Old, Donald 65-66 357th TFS Heavy Equipment/Transportation Dispatch shortyold@NSyahoo.com yes
Parker, Gary Jul 64-Oct 64 421st AFRES TDY Aircraft Commander KB-50J MQM107@NSaol.com yes
Pelkey, Norm 62 & 63 TDY 1st MOB Air Traffic Controller nrpelkey@NSyahoo.com yes
Peter, Robert A. Oct 66-May 67 41st TEWS Pilot EB-66C RAPTIGERLILY@NSAOL.COM yes
Peterson, Steve Jun 69-Jun 70 355th Dispensary Med Tech in ER Dogsbodie@NSwebtv.net yes
Piowaty, John F. May 67-Feb 68 354th TFS Pilot F-105 - 100 missions jpiowaty@NSaol.com yes
Reynolds, Diance Oct 69-Oct 70 355th FMS Jet Engine Mechanic Dreynolds396@NSaol.com .
Ritchey, Tim Mar 68 Det 1 428th TFS F-111 Computer Programmer
Test Station Technician
raritchey@NSmsn.com .
Rourke, Thomas May 72-Aug 72 49th TFW/417 TFS Pilot F4 thomas.rourke@NSleavenworth.army.mil yes
Scott, John Jun 72-Feb 73 4101st Refueling Group Pilot KC-135 comp-doc@NScox.net yes
Seibel, Harold 65 TDY
Oct 66-Oct 67
561st TFS
355th TFW
Crew Chief F-105 8341 lynn_seibel@NShotmail.com yes
Seymour, Paul Jan 67-Aug 67 354th TFS Pilot F-105D paulseymou@NScox.net yes
Shell, Johnny Nov 72-May 73 97th Avionics Maint
Bullet Shot
KC-135 Radio Repair jmshell@NStva.gov yes
Simon, James Feb 69-Feb 70 355th CSG Personnel-In/Out Processing jimsimon@NSadelphia.net yes
Smith, Larry Jan70-Dec 70 355th Supply Sq POL - Fuels larry@NSaerospacereports.com .
Smith, Mike Apr 72-Oct 72 Prime Beef TDY (from Tyndall AFB) Power Production- reopen base SmithMC@NSoro.doe.gov .
Swan, Roger May 63-Oct 63 USN Seabee STAT Team Base Support and Maint birdone@NSJoiMail.com yes
Tolzda, David Aug 69-Aug 70 355th FMS Fuel Systems Specialist dgtjlt@NS1st.net .
Toney, Lanny Nov 65-Nov 66 355th A&E Maint SQ Weapons Control Tech lktoney@NSaol.com .
Walker, John Sep 67-Sep 68 355th TFW Sheet Metal Shop jwalkerj@NStampabay.rr.com .
Wass, Peter 65-66 TDY 6441st MMS Weapons Loader pwass@NSmidmaine.com .
White, Terry Sep 69-Sep 70 Det 2, 38th ARRSq Firefigher/Airborne Rescue miwhitehouse@NScfl.rr.com .
Wilkinson, Bill Mar 68-Mar 69 355th EB-66 ECM Shop Avionics Maint billwilkinson@NSworldnet.att.net yes
Williamson, Robert 67 8th TFW TDY . bobandmaryingb@NSearthlink.net yes
Wood, Roger May 72-Oct 72 49th AMS Autopilot Systems rogerw02@NSmsn.com .
Young, William (Bill) May 72-Sep 72 400 MMS TDY
Munitions Maintenance WYoung523@NSaol.com .

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