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A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY.  If you were stationed at Takhli at anytime please sign in  by sending an email message to or follow the link below.

I edit the roster and bio pages about once each month thus you may note some lagtime between sending an entry and seeing it online. You info is saved, it's in the queue and greatly appreciated.

Please refer any other Takhli vets you know to the website. We've got around 800 entries but that's a small fraction of the estimated 25,000 to 30,000 U. S. service personnel who were stationed at Takhli.

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Dick Williams for the Combined Website
29 Feb 04

To add your name to the Takhli roster - Click Here - and send your name, dates at Takhli whether PCS or TDY, outfit, job within the outfit and your preferred email address.

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Ahern, Henry Nov 67-Nov 68 1980th Comm Sq Microwave Site
Anderson, Don Jul67-Jul 68 355th MMS Munitions Tech yes
Anderson, John Apr 74-Jul 74
347th AMS Comm Nav ECM .
Bauer, Bob Jun 68-Jun 69 333rd TFS F-105 Phase Dock Chief yes
Benson, Mark Nov 66-Nov 67 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105D 394 & 059 yes
Borton, Dave Jan 70-Oct 70 42nd TEWS Squadron Clerk yes
Brasher, Chuck Aug 68-Aug 69 41st TEWS Crew Chief - EB-66 .
Byrd, Roger Jan 73-Jan 74 474th AMS Comms, Nav, ECM, "Big D" yes
Chapin, Michael May 72-Jul 72 23rd CES
TDY from McConnell AFB
Arresting barrier crew chief yes
Cichon, Alfred Sep 72-Sep 73 USAF Hospital ER and Clinic .
Coen, Mark Sep 69-Feb 70 355th FMS Aircraft Electrician yes
Cornish, Ray Feb 68-Dec 68 355th A&E ECM Shop Supervisor .
Crane, Lowry 72-73 366th TFW 6280th SPS .
Cronk, Tom 69-71 355th TFW Food Service
Base liaison with Thai employees
Cuipenski, Pete May 66-May 67 355th TFW Crew Chief B-66 .
Czekanski, Fred May 72-Oct 72 SP Unit TDY from Clark K-9 Handler yes
Davis, James Aug 66-Aug 67
May 72-Aug 72
355th AMS
49th TFW
Doppler Nav Shop F-105
INS Shop F-4 RB-66
Del Soldo, Bob Oct 67-Oct 68 355th TFW Security Police .
DeMint, Bob Jun 68-Jun 69 355 SPS K9 Handler .
Edwards, Ollie Dec 67-Dec 68 42nd TEWS EWO EB-66 E&B yes
Eller, Charles May 69-Jun 69 355th CSG Contracting Office .
Ellis, Marty 73-74 6280th SPS Canine Handler .
Evans, Larry Jul 68-Jul 69 355th CSG Personnel Specialist .
Gaitskill, John May 72-Aug 72 40th FMS Corrosion Control Spec yes
Gardner, Adolph Apr 69-Mar 70 Det 2 38th ARRS
Air Rescue SQ
Crew Chief/Flt Engineer .
Geise, Raymond 73 824th SPS - Kadena
TDY Takhli
Combat Support Deployment Team yes
Gilday, Mike Mar 73- 474th TFW Ammo Dump yes
Gilpin, Terry Dec 68-Dec 69 41st and 42nd TEWS EB-66 Dock Chief .
Gohring, Gary 72-73
474th TFW
366th TFW
F-4Weapons Load Crew Chief
Gonzales, Francisco May 72-Oct 72 49th TFW from Holloman Parachute Shop .
Grundon, Ron Feb 68-Dec 68
Oct 69-Jun 70
355th A&E ECM Flight Sup
Shift Sup PMEL
Hall, William Oct 66-Jun 67 TEWS Squadron Pilot B-66C .
Hamill, Jack Sep 67-Sep 68 354th TFS Weapons Loader .
Hancock, Fred May 68-May 69 355th AEMS Instrument Repairman .
Harris, Ken Nov 67-Nov 68
Jun 69-Jun 70
333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 61-0118D & 59-1772D
Crew Chief F-105 62-4347D
Henderson, Bill 65 355th TFW F-105 Fire Control yes
Heon, Bruce Apr 74-Oct 74
TDY from Holloman
49th FMS F-4 Parachute Shop .
Holmes, Bob Nov 66-Nov 67
Sep 68-Sep 69
333rd TFS
Phase Inspection
Hovland, Tom Apr 65-Aug 65 TDY
Dec 65-Jul 66 PCS
563rd TFS
355th CSG
A&E Comms both tours .
Hutson, Michael 69 44th TFS Crew Chief F-105
TDY from Korat
Johnson, Larry Sep 66-Aug 67 355 TFW Aircraft Electrician yes
LeDoux, Joe 66 355th - Limelight J75 Engine Shop yes
Lindsey, Jim 68-69 355th TFW Baker .
Lipps, Don Jun 68-Jun 69 42nd TEWS Aircraft Maint .
McEver, Mike Mar 70-Sep 70 355th AMS ECM POD Shop yes
MacKay, Woody 69-70 355th TFW
Volunteer MARS Stn
ECM EB-66 .
McLemore, Wilbert 73-74 474th TFW F-111 Film Processing yes
McMaster, Greg Nov 67-Nov 68 357 TFS Weapons Mechanic .
Mehle, Jerry Sep 68-Aug 69 355th TFW AGE Shop .
Miller, James May 69-May 70 Det 12, 10th Weather Sq DETCO .
Moore, Jim Feb 66-Feb 67 354th TFS Jammer Driver .
Morris, John Dec 65-Oct 66 355th FMS AGE Dispatch .
Morris, Steve Aug 72-Aug 73 1980th Comms Sq Air Traffic Controller .
Morris, Thomas Sep 73-Oct 73 TDY From UTapao Dog Handler yes
Neel, John Aug 65-Feb 66 9th TRS TDY (SSC) EW .
Olsen, Barry Jul 72-Jul 73 366th TFW/6280th K-9 Handler .
Parker, Dick Feb 66-Jan 67 355th TFW B-66 Phase Docks .
Pierce, Mike Feb 68-Feb 69 357th TFW Weapons Mechanic .
Rackover, Michael Apr 69-Jun 70 355th Hospital X-Ray Tech .
Rankin, Royce Jul 69-Jun 70 355th TFW Air Traffic Control - RAPCON yes
Reyes, Exor Jun 69-Jun 70 41st 42nd TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 .
Rix, Dale Nov 66-Nov 67 355th TFW Fuel System Mechanic yes
Rogers, Tom 65-66 4 TFW Crew Chief F-105 .
Sauls, Carl May 72-Oct 72 49th TFW Crew Chief F-4 yes
Saunders, Stephen Sep 72-Mar 72
Jul 73-Aug 73 TDY
474th FMS Machinist yes
Schaub, Steve Sep 72-Oct 73
TDY tours/Linebacker
474th AMS Flightline Blackbox repair
Big D
Schremser, Gary Feb 74-Aug 74 6280th USAF Hospital Veterinary Services yes
Scott, Gordon 67-69 355th MMS Munitions Maint .
Seymour, John 69 355th FMS Maint .
Sills, Dana 73-74 474th AMS Acft Maint
Helped move F-111s to Korat
Sowder, Earnest 65-66 355th FMS AGE .
Stevens, Walter Dec 67-Dec 68 Det 2 6th Aerial Port Sq Cargo/Pax movement yes
Stokes, J.D. Jan 67-Aug 67 333rd TFS Pilot F-105 100 missions .
Switalski, Andrew May 72-Sep 72 49th MMS Weapons Loading .
Tanabe, Don Sep 67-Sep 68 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 .
Tyndall, Dick Mar 73-Aug 73 474th TFS Crew Chief F-111 67-111 yes
Walker, Jim Apr 69-Apr 70 355th TFW Flightline Engine Shop
F-105 & EB-66
Wayson, Bob Jan 69-Jan 70 355th FMS J-71 Engine Shop .
Wells, Ken Jan 67-Dec 67 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105D F-105F .
Wendt, Carl Nov 65-Nov 66 354th TFS Night Flt Chief F-105D .
Whittier, Bradley May66-May 67
TDY 70 Son Tay Raid
355th AMS Acft Radio Tech .
Winkle. Harold Jun 68-Jun 69 355th TFW Processing Acft Maint Requests yes
Woodman, Wolfgang Aug 68-Aug 69 355th MMS Gun Shop .

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Nighttime thunder over Takhli - the "new" Thai BX in foreground Summer 1970 - photo by Dick Williams

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