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A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY. 

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Ainsworth, Donald Oct 65-Feb 66 Prime Beef  Electrician ainsworthdonald@NShotmail.com Yes
Alva, Mike Aug 65-Feb 66 . B-66 Navigator SUPRTACO@NSHAL-PC.ORG Yes
Bailey, Beetle 65-73 Air America Det 3 Kicker Beetle.Bailey@NSscott.af.mil Yes
Barbee, Jimmy 69-79 1980th Comms Sq . jwb@NSbsc.net .
Barnett, King Nov 68-May 69 357th TFS F-105 Weapons Mech king@NSkingbarnett.com Yes
Bell, Harvey Oct 66-Sep 67 355th CES Emerg. Gen Electrical Brokwy135@NSaol.com Yes
Bell, Ken Oct 66-May 67 355th TFW F-105 Pilot ThudLead@NSaol.com Yes
Bentley, Jeff Dec 66-Dec 67 355th TFW Supply NORS jben@NSglobal200.net .
Berry, Kirk 89, 90 TDY Cobra Gold Base Weather kberry@NSscoular.com Yes
Bigford, Bob Aug 69-Aug 70 333rd TFS Flt Chief - B Flight rcbigford@NShotmail.com Yes
Black, Paul Jul 70-closure 71 355th CSG . pnblack@NSnetcarrier.com Yes
Boese, Stuart "Skip" Oct 65-Oct 66 1980th Comms Sq Air Traffic Controller sjmboese@NSathenet.net .
Bradshaw, Bob Sep 66-May 67 354th TFS F-105 Pilot BnBBrad@NSaol.com Yes
Bramhall, Alan Sep 67-Sep 69 8th TFW Photo Intel ABram12943@NSaol.com Yes
Behar, Ron Jan 69-Jan 70 355th AMS EB-66 EWS Shop rebehar@NShome.com Yes
Brasenell, Tom Oct 68-Oct 69 357th TFS F-105 Crew Chief tlbrasenell@NSfedex.com Yes
Browder, J.T. Jan 66-Dec 66 355th HQ Sqdn NCOIC Acft Records JBro266133@NSaol.com Yes
Brown, Alan Sep 66-Apr 67 41st TRS EB-66C Raven aebrown@NSerols.com Yes
Brown, C.G. Dec 69-Nov 70 355th CSG Chief - Personnel Affairs gwgary@NSwebtv.net Yes
Brown, Jerry Sep 68-Nov 69 1980th Comms Sq Comms browngf@NSgte.net Yes
Carroll, Phil May 70-Dec 70 355th SPS Canine Sentry Dog Handler Phil_Carroll@NSfws.gov Yes
Chambers, Jerry Aug 66 tdy 484th FMS Acft Electrician jchambe9@NSbellsouth.net .
Chizmadia, Joe Jul 72-Sep 72 417 TFS 49 TFW F4 Crew jl.chizmadia@NSjuno.com Yes
Christoph, Menko Oct 65-Dec 65 TDY
Jun 66-Jun 67
335th TFS 4 TFW
355th AEMS
Autopilot systems
Security augmentee
mdchrist@NSmail.win.org Yes
Clark, Ric Sep 68-Sep 69 355th AMS Acft Radio Repair ric_clark@NSbwwonline.com .
Colburn, Ned Nov 67-Dec 68 42nd TEWS EB-66C EWO cicks@NSruraltel.net .
Coleman, Ernie May 72-Jun 72 49th TFW/AMS
>35th TFS
Weapons Control Systems Mechanic ecoleman@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Connelly, Mel Sep 67-Sep 68 357th TFS Weapons Spec LCCONNELLY@NSAOL.COM Yes
Cox, Garry May-Dec 72 TDY 49th TFW- Constant Guard Personnel gski47@NShotmail.com .
Crago, Don Mar 68 428 TFS Combat Lancer Avionics hop-n-go@NSerols.com .
Crist, Richard 66-69 Young Tiger TDY KC-135 Crew Chief dick@NStelevar.com Yes
Crow, Bob Dec 69-Nov 70 355th TFW Quality Control rlcrow@NSmsn.com Yes
Curren, Larry 67-68 601st Photo Sq Photo Tech Presfor@NSaol.com .
Curtis, Tom Aug 67-Aug 68 355th AMS F-105/B-66 Avionics TOMCURTIS@NSworldnet.att.net .
Decker, Jerry Sep 73-Aug 74 SPS K-9 unit gdecker@NSitouch.net .
Dellinger, Gene Oct 67-Oct 68 601st Photo Sq Photo Tech gdelling@NSbellsouth.net Yes
Delaney, Bruce Sep 67-Aug 68 355th TFW Wing Intel - Photo Interp delaneybl@NSaol.com Yes
Delph, Larry May 68-May 69 566th CEW Red Horse larrydelph@NSwebtv.net Yes
Dethman, Ike Mar 68 428th TFS
>474th TFW
C.O. Combat Lancer
>F-111A Pilot
f111a@NShome.com Yes
Dick, Clarence 66-67 355th AEMS F-105/EB-66 ECM ced@NSnetease.net Yes
Dudley, Jim Jan 68-Dec 68 357th TFS Weapons Mechanic jim.dudley@NSpetrofac.com Yes
Evans, Dick Oct 65-Mar 66
Mar 72-Aug 72
355th AMS
EB-66 Shop
R1EVANS@NSaol.com Yes
Finley, John Jan 67-Jan 68 357th TFS Weapons Mech jumpingjack_1@NShotmail.com Yes
Finnell, Tom Jun 65-Dec 66 4252 FMS Powered Ground Power finnar@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Flowers, Charles Nov 72-May 73 554 CES Red Horse cflowers@NSmediaone.net .
Floyd, Dennis Sep 70-Dec 70 601st Photo TDY from Korat defloyd@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Forbus, Bob Oct 67-Oct 68 357th TFS Weapons Load
>Crew Chief
snowman@NSstartwo.apex2000.net Yes
Gagnon, Joseph Feb 66-Feb 67 355th TFW FMS Xxxxj@NSaol.com Yes
Galloway, Mike 72 421TFS Black Widows F-4E Crew Chief Jagspike@NScitcom.net Yes
Gerende, John Apr 66-Apr 67 355th FMS Struc Repair af1fixr@NSaol.com  .
Ghiorse, John Sep 65-Aug 66 Det 12, 10th Weather Base Weather Station jghiorse@NShome.com Yes
Goode, Robert Mar-Aug 73 TDY 474th TFS F-111 MANRAG@NSaol.com Yes
Greco, Dennis Jan 68-Jan69 355th FMS A.G.E -Major Repair Sticks65@NSaol.com Yes
Grundon, Charles Apr 65 563rd TFS  TDY from McConnell CGrundon@NSaol.com Yes
Hammond, Jim Jan 66-Dec 66 333rd TFW F-105 Maint JHAMM94490@NSAOL.COM Yes
Harms, Jerry Oct 66-Nov 67 354th TFS F-105 Asst. Crew Chief NJBK@NSaol.com Yes
Harper, Melvin May 68-May 69 355th Avionics Thud ECM meljura@NSearthlink.com .
Hartsell, Monte May 65-Feb 66 9th TRS RB-66 EWO mhartsell@NSerols.com Yes
Hatch, Mike Jan 73-Dec 73 Sanders Associates F-111 Electronics pv544@NSattbi.com Yes
Herbaugh, Charles Feb 69-Jan 70 357th TFS F-105 Crew Chief cherbau@NSbbtel.com Yes
Hockenberry, Richard Jun 66-Jan 67 333rd TFS F-105 Crew Chief huck2@NSwinco.net Yes
Houston, Tex Oct 68-Oct 69 355th TFW Wing Command Post texhouston@NSpcisys.net Yes
Howard, Joe Jun 67-Jun 68 42nd TEWS EB-66 Crew Chief codyhoward@NSmindspring.com Yes
Hummel, John Oct 65-Sep 66
>Dec 67-Dec 68
355th AMS Weapons Control Tech jhummel@NSATG.AUM.edu .
Javens, Doug Nov 67-Nov 68 . . dougja1@NSturbo-web.com Yes
Kaiser, John 64-65 363rd TRW RB-66C support KaiserJ@NSftc-i.net Yes
Keck, Carol Ann Sep 68-Sep 70 355th CSG Commander's Secretary CKtucson@NSaol.com .
Keenum, Mike 69-70 44th TFS F-105 Crew Chief MiGMad86@NSaol.com Yes
Kelley, Arlis Apr 67-Apr 68 Det 12 10th Wx Sq Base Weather arlisk@NSicx.net Yes
Kerby, Harold Feb 67-Feb 68 Civil Engineers Ops/Maint Office jakenpatkerby@NSmsn.com Yes
Keutzer, Eugene Jan 67-Jan 68 355th TFW Maint. Control Officer gkeutzer@NSearthlink.net .
King, Robert Jul 68-May 69 333rd TFS F-105 EWO robtking@NSprioritysolutions.com Yes
Klabon, Ken . 333rd TFS Gun Plumber kaktrader@NSearthlink.net .
Klobas, Tom Oct 69-May 70 44th TFS Flt Ln Maint Officer klobas@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Koetting, Brian 68-69 355th TFW Support bj2757@NSsatx.rr.com Yes
Koscheski, Ted Jan 67-Aug 67 6460 TRW EB-66 EWO pattited@NSsmartlink.net Yes
Kuykendall, Fred Dec 65-Sep 66 1974 TDY 355th TFW
F-111 support
Autopilot Mechanic Fred.Kuykendall-Jr@NSARZ.Boeing.com Yes
Lassiter, Bill Mar 68-Nov 68 428 TFS/474 TFW F-111 Crew Chief swingwing66_022@NSyahoo.com .
Lenard, Tom Jun 68-Jun 69 355th FMS AGE filmmakertom@NShotmail.com Yes
Lesniak, Jim Jun 74 AMS PMEL Lab jim.lesniak@NSunisys.com Yes
Levin, Jack K. 66-67 2 tours 355th TFW PMEL Lab IBBRO2@NSaol.com .
Linton, John May 72-Jul 72 313 SPS Entry Control Point linton@NSdialus.com Yes
Lott, Robert Jan 68-Jan 69 355 TFW Support Sq Asst NCO - Rations and Food Supply rwlottgenes@NSmindspring.com Yes
Lowrance, Wayne 69-70 1980th Comm Sq Hill 260 Tropo Site Asiandoit@NSaol.com Yes
Lynch, Clint 1965  TDY  F-105 engine mechanic CEL2591@NSaol.com Yes
MacArthur, Tom Oct 66-Oct 67 355th Base Theater TTOMMACARTHUR@NSaol.com Yes
McCloud, Paul Jun 69-Jun 70 355th MMS Weapons Spec pmccloud@NSsalis.net Yes
McCrae, Sumter Oct 67-Nov 68
Dec 69-Sep 70
357th TFW F-105 Crew Chief McThai@NSemail.msn.com Yes
McDaniel, Greg Jun 69-Jun 69 41st TEWS EB-66C Crew Chief gbm1891@NSintermediatn.net Yes
Macking, J.J. Jun 68-Jun 69  354th TFS Weapons Loader jsteg3@NSwebtv.net
Manley, Ronnie Jul 73-Jul 74 474 MMS Weapons Loading catman@NSeastland.net .
Malecki, Jim Feb 68-Feb 69 354th TFS Weapons Mechanic FL4301@NSaol.com .
Mensinger, Lee J. Jul 65-Jul 66 Dec 12 10th Wx SQ Base Weather lemen@NSx25.net Yes
Miles, Dick Nov 68-Nov 69 41st TEWS EB-66 EWO rahsmile@NS3rddoor.com .
Mitchell, Howard Oct 68-Oct 69 354th TFS 
>355th TFW
"A" Flight Chief
Line Chief-gravyd shift
HNMhoward@NSaol.com .
Moeszinger, Lance 1972 TDY 474th TFW 428 TFS F-111A ECS rlance530@NShotmail.com .
Moore, Jim Feb 66-Feb 67 354th TFS Jammer Driver Jmoore1142@NSaol.com Yes
Monger, Bill Dec 67-Nov 68 355th A&E Sq F01-5 Fire Control Tech monger@NSismi.net Yes
Morgan, Sam 1964 35 TFS F-105 Pilot F105PLT@NSaol.com .
Morris, Roy 67-68 355th TFW Base Comms rcmorr@NSserver1.softdisk.com .
Morrone, Robert 1973- TDY  474th MMS-Nellis Weapons Tech rob@NSmorrone.com Yes
Mulvaney, Jim Dec 65-Sep 66 355th TFW A&E Autopilot Shop hairpin1@NSwebtv.net
Muntean, John "Lou" Jul 68-Jul 69 42nd TEWS EB-66 Crew trosky@NSprodigy.net Yes
Myers, John Dec 65 tdy 320th Bomb Wing KC-135 Crew Chief F0rdDriveR@NSaol.com .
Nester, Phil Feb73-Sep 73 635th CSG PMEL Tech PhilNester@NShawaii.rr.com Yes
Newcomb, Dale May 72-Oct 72 49TFW MMS Weapons Loader jojonewcomb@NSmsn.com .
Nichols, Bob Apr 68-Mar 69 41st TEWS EB-66 Crew Chief BOB@NSBOBSROOFING@NSCOM .
Norden, Jack May 65-Sep 65 9th TRS Navigator RB-66C Janorden@NSaol.com Yes
Ouellette, Bernie 69-70 1980th Comms Sq Comms bergolfer@NShotmail.c Yes
Parks, Jim May 72-Nov 72 366 MMS Munitions Branch Chief jimusafr@NSaol.com Yes
Payne, Phillip Aug 65-Mar 66 334th TFS F-105 Pilot pepparis@NS1starnet.com Yes
Penry, Bob TDY 72 49th ABG Base Personnel penry@NSmindspring.com Yes
Pond, Mike Mar 73 TDY 474th TFW/366 OMS Crew Chief Mike_Pond@NSco.washington.or.us Yes
Pope, Calvin Jul 66-Jul 67 355th TFW Crew Chief/Expediter c/o Rickwoelf@NSaol.com Yes
Pray, Fred Dec 67-Dec 68 355th AMS Avionics Nav Shop frpray@NSbellfatlantic.net .
Pryor, Larry Apr 68-Apr 69 355th Trans Sq Spec purpose vehicle tech LP1943@NSaol.com Yes
Randolph, Larry Jan66-Jan67 333rd TFS . tahkli.66@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Reed, Jerry Jan 69-Dec 69 AFTN Radio/TV host/tech jerry@NSjerryreed.com Yes
Reeves, Jack Apr 72-Oct 72 11 ARS Dir. of Maintenance Reevestlar@NSaol.com Yes
Rhodes, Jim Apr 65-Aug 65 563rd TFS F-105 Pilot wgfp@NSearthling.net Yes
Rivera, Mike Jun 68-Jun 69 355th AMS EB-66 ECM fmrivera@NSpacbell.net .
Roche, Paul Oct 67-Oct 68 354th TFS F-105 Crew Chief c/o gizmo21@NSttlc.net Yes
Rock, Edward T. Jun 66-Feb 67 354/333 TFS F-105 Wild Weasel Pilot rockjo19@NSix.netcom.com .
Rogers, Tommy Jan 65-Dec 65 TDY from Seymour Johnson AFB F-105 Crew Chief Hitter521@NSaol.com .
Sampson, Mike Mar 73-Aug 73 366th OMS -TDY F-111 Crew Chief msamp@NSearthlink.net Yes
Schmidt, Nolan Apr72-Oct 72 8 TFS/49 TFW F-4 Back Seater Nolschfly@NSaol.com .
Schuermann, Max Mar 66-Oct 66 KC-135s KC-135 Navigator max@NSgreencis.net Yes
Sends, Patrick Jun 70-Dec 70 357th TFS Flight Chief swamper1@NSsccoast.net Yes
Serna, Humberto Sep 67-Sep 68 355th MMS Munitions Handler Serna455@NSaol.com Yes
Short, Rick May 69-May 70 355th FMS AGE rickashort@NSaol.com .
Shultz, Frank Oct 67-Jul 68 333rd TFS F-105 Pilot fshultz@NSuswest.net Yes
Smith, Eugene Jr. 72-73 474th TFW - TDY Egress Sys Tech eugenesjr7@NSwebtv.net Yes
Snoddy, Ben Apr 68-May 69 RAPCON Air Traffic Controller rolaids@NSinetw.net Yes
Stump, Tim Jan 69-Jan 70 333rd TFS Ops/ Awards Decorations Clerk STUMPT33@NSHOTMAIL.COM Yes
Swift, Mike Jan 70-Jan 71 1980th Comms Cable Tech mike.swift@NSus.army.mil Yes
Tambini, Anthony May 66-May 67 41st TEWS Sq EB-66 Crew Chief Tglb8@aol.NScom Yes
Temte, Jerry Jan 66-Jul 66 41st TRS Raven 4, RB-66
>Stan. Eval
Jtemte@NSaol.com .
Thibault, Paul Aug 66-Aug 67 1980th Comms Comms / MARS PAULERNA@NSaol.com Yes
Thomas, Larry Jul 74-Oct 74 366th TFW Pneudraulics Shop BFSR@NSwebtv.net Yes
Thompsen, G. W. "Big T" Jun 72-Feb 74 6280th CSG CBPO dasnake@NSswbell.net .
Thompson, Gene Sep 69-Sep 70 1980th Comms NCOIC Base Comms Center gwt85@NSwebtv.net Yes
Thorsness, Leo Oct 66-Apr 67 357th TFS F-105 Pilot leothor@NShome.com Yes
Urban, Paul Feb 73-Jan 74 Transient Alert C-130 OL from hogc130ae@NSnetscape.net Yes
Vaughn, Bob Apr 67-Apr 68 Det 12 10th Weather Sq Weather Observer bkkbob@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Venters, Frank Oct 65-Oct 66 355th CES Base Fire Department FVenters@NSeudoramail.com Yes
Victor, Steve Sep 68-Sep 69 333rd TFS F-105 Crew Chief slvic@NSearthlink.net Yes
Vittitow, Charles 67-68 333rd TFS Thud Driver PatV33@NSwebtv.net Yes
Vogt, Leon Jan 68 355th TFW F-105 EB-66 engines lvogt@NSmail.parkway.stpaul.k12.mn.us Yes
Walker, Bob Dec 65-Nov 70 355th TFW Avionics Shop rustman@NSstop-rust.com Yes
White, Kevin Jan 73-Oct 73 428th TFS F-111s Foamee@NSaol.com .
Wiggin, Tom Sep 66-Sep 67 355th AMS Autopilot systems twiggin1@NSsan.rr.com Yes
Wilkins, Frank Jul 68-Jul 69 1980th Comm Sq Spvsr Base Comms Center fcw@NSchorus.net Yes
Williams, Alan Jan 73-Dec 73 USA Stratcom Tropo Site awill402@NSkyol.net Yes
Williams, David Jun 69-Jun 70 42nd TEWS EB-66 Crew Chief dwilliams@NSvoyager.net Yes
Willsey, Vance Oct 67-Oct 68 357th TFS F-105 Crew Chief vance.p.willsey@NSlmtas.com Yes
Wilson, Steve Jun 69-Jun 70 601st Photo Sq Combat Photog wilsons@NSwowway.com Yes
Wilson, Tom 67-68 355th TFW Wild Weasel EWO Bear@NSWilson.org Yes
Woelfl, Rich Aug 67-Aug 68 355th AMS F-105 Nav Shop Rickwoelf@NSaol.com Yes
Wolfe, Tim May 69-May 70 355th CSG Supply Sgt-Main Mess WOLFE@NSwesnet.com Yes
Wood, Ray Oct 67-Oct68 357 TFS F-105 Crew Chief rwood@NSsurfsouth.com Yes
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 The Memphis Belle - 357th TFS / 355th TFW - Takhli RTAFB
F-105D 60-504 on display at USAF Museum - Wright Patterson AFB OH

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