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A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY.  If you were stationed at Takhli at anytime please sign in  by sending an email message to rjw@NSsky.net.
The Search Window on the Takhli opening page can help if you're looking for a lost buddy.

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Acton, Ken Aug 67-Aug 68 354th TFS Crew Chief F-105 KDActon2@NScs.com .
Adams, Jim May 72-Oct 72 49th TFW F-4 Aircraft Mechanic JAMESH_H_ADAMS@NSmsn.com yes
Allaire, Ronald L. 1961 Royal Laotian Air Force Pilot B-26, RB-26, Helio Courier rlallaire@NSdestin.net yes
Amsler, Gordon Sep 72-Mar 73
Jun 73-Jun 74
430 TFS
429th & 428th TFS
Aircraft Commander F-111
Commander 474th OMS & 428th TFS
gamsler@NStrojan.troyst.edu yes
Asbury, James 66-67 355th TFW Security Police asburyjm@NSchartermi.net .
Bagley, Bill Sep 72-Mar 73 474th FMS Admin wjbagley@NSyahoo.com .
Bailey, Carl Dec 69-Dec 70 355th Civil Engineering Sq  Base Fire Inspector Carl.Bailey@NSMAXWELL.AF.MIL yes
Baker, Earnest 69-70
72 TDY
49th TFW
Transient maint
Quality Control
hardcash@NSgulftel.com yes
Balcunas, Stephen 72-73 TDY 474th FMS F-111 Tech EAGLE50751000586@NSAOL.COM .
Basel, G.I. Feb 67-Feb 68 354th TFS Pilot F-105 GIBasel@NSaol.com yes
Baswell, Charles Aug 65-Dec 65 562nd TFS TDY Crew Chief F-105 62-4400 lennett@NShotmail.com yes
Benedict, Robert H. June 72 TDY attached to 49th TFW Maintenance Officer F-4Ds RBened1201@NSaol.com  yes
Berry, Mike Sep 72-Jan 72 429th TFS/474th OMS Crew Chief F-111 mberry2624@NSaol.com yes
Bombard, Jon B. Mar 68-Mar 69 355th AMS ECM Pod Shop rbombard@NSnorthnet.org .
Boyle, Al Sep 73-Oct 73 2083rd Comms SQ Clerk-Orderly Room anboyle@NSearthlink.net .
Brunelli, Richard Aug 69-Jun 75 Det 3, 6003 Support Sq DOD civilian employee Rich2184@NSaol.com  yes
Budworth, Ray Aug 66-Jul 67 355th AEMS Comms Tech BeowulfAZ@NSaol.comMi yes
Byrd, Jerry Dec 67-Dec 68 355th AMS Aircraft Instruments jbyrd@NSsnip.net .
Cantley, Roger Apr 70-Apr 71
42nd TEWS
49th TFW
Pilot EB-66J
cant@NSintellisys.net yes
Carravetta, Mike 72-73 6280th MMS AMMO gr8engineer@NScharter.net .
Chandler, Jerry May 72-Oct 72 49th TFW Supply SQ Fuel Specialist Jerry.Chandler@NSOK.ngb.army.mil yes
Chivalette, Bill 73-75 474th Security Police WChivalette@NSaol.com  yes
Christensen, Bill Jul 69-Jul 70 354th TFS Crewed F-105 60-0188  C141exeng@NSaol.com yes
Clark, Bob Apr 72-Oct 72 49th TFW Intel Intel Brief/Debrief buildmex@NSprodigy.net yes
Clifton, Bobby Mar 68-Nov 68 428th TFS Chief Comms/NavShop F-111s Bobby.Clifton@NSnoaa.gov yes
Cochran, Pat Sep 69-Jun 70 355th TFW Base Supply Corcoran@NScheltenham-township.org .
Coleman, Donald Nov 69-Nov 70 355th TFW Command Post Controller bosox0071@NShome.com .
Connolly, Paul Jun 69-Jun 70 354th TFS Crew Chief F-105B #59-1743 rjcpbc@NShotmail.com yes
Cook, William Dec 65-Dec 66 333rd TFS Weapons Loader BIGBILLDOT@NSaol.com  yes
Cooper, Jim Oct 65-Oct 66 355th TFW Dispensary jim.cooper@NSdix.army.mil .
Correia, Adriano Jan 68-Dec 68 355th TFW Aircraft Electrcian F-105 g5423@NSsnet.net .
Dickey, Joseph M. Oct 69-Feb 70 355th AMS Avionics Maint jmdickey@NSkanokla.net yes
Dutton, John M. Jun 69-Jun 70 355th AMS Autopilot Tech jacita1@NScharter.net .
Ector, Jim 66-67 355th TFW Information Officer/Navigator ector@NSchesco.com .
Eliason, Dan  Aug 69-Aug 70 333rd TFS Pilot F-105 cdan@NSattglobal.net yes
Etheridge, Richard A. 68-69 355th MMS Munitions Specialist etheridgera@NSprodigy.net .
Falkowski, Lester (Ski) Apr 66-Apr 67 355th MMS Munitions - Bomb Dump & Dispatch lnlvader@NSnetonecom.net .
Ferguson, Fred Jan 70-Dec 70 355th Supply Fuels flfergie@NSmindspring.com .
Finney, Charlie Nov 64-Feb 65 5th Tac Control Main Sq Radio Maint cfinney@NSvisuallink.com yes
Fletcher, Robert Oct 65-Jun 66 355th TFW Crew Chief EB-66 fletch57@NSbellsouth.net .
Fuller, John Nov 68-Nov 69 1980th Comms SQ Wing Command Post f4310@NSev1.net .
Gates, Ron Jun 66-Jan 67 6460 TRS Flight Engineer EB-66 rng@NSstorycity.net yes
Gee, Morris Duane Sep 67-Sep 68 333TFS Weapons Specialist cajun54@NSsbcglobal.net yes
George, Robert Oct 68-Oct 69 355th TFW Wing Intel Officer rgeorge790@NSearthlink.net yes
Goff, Bill May 68-May 69 42nd TEWS Crew Chief - EB-66 williamgoff@NSyahoo.com .
Gundel, Jim Aug 68-Aug 69
Nov 71
41st TEWS EWO EB-66 GUNDELJ@NSaol.com  yes
Hansford, Kenneth Sep 65-Feb 66 355th TFW Aircrew Egress System Repairman  khansfor@NSbellsouth.net .
Harris, Jack Aug 69-Aug 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 # 60-420 jharris726@NShome.com .
Harten, Don Jan 68-Jan 69
Sep 72-Jan 73
354th TFS
429th TFS
Pilot F-105 #490 Pink Pussycat 
Pilot F-111
Donharten@NSaol.com  yes
Hayden, Melba Jul 73-Jan 74 474th HQ Secretary to Wing Commander JHaydenF15@NSaol.com yes
Heincy, Bill 72-73  474th MMS Weapons Mechanic Heincy@NShome.com .
Helmecki, Richard Jul 67-Jul 68 1980th Comms Sq Nav Aid repair rhxemh@NSearthlink.net .
Hensley, Larry Jan 67-Dec 67 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 f105thud@NScompuserve.com .
Hickens, Mike Jun 72-Jun 73 6280th Trans Sq Transportation Mike.Hickens@NSpeterson.af.mil  yes
Hobart, Don Apr 72-Oct 72 49th TFW Squadron Commander 8th TFS
Pilot F-4D
hobartdb@NSmsn.com yes
Hodgen, Jerry Nov 65-Nov 66 355th TFW Aircraft Electrician jhodgen@NSworldnet.att.net yes
Holman, Bruce May 72-Sep 72 49th TFW AGE N/A .
Honig, Ron May 72-Oct 72 49th MMS Loading Crew r.g.honig@NSworldnet.att.net .
Hugunin, James Sep 68-Dec 68 601st Photo Det 1 Base Photographer jhugunin@NSmediaone.net yes
Jarvi, Ted 70 KC-135s TDY Maintenance Chief TCJarvi@NSaol.com  yes
Jewell, Chet Nov 68-Nov 69 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 Chet1975fire@NSaol.com .
Kennedy, Dick Nov 63-Mar 64
Oct 64-Dec 64
1st MOB Air Traffic/Tower Controller dk@NSlautechnologies.com .
Kiefer, Ron Dec 68-Dec 69 355th FMS Jet Engine Shop rkiefer@NSrochester.rr.com .
Knudten, Jan May 67-Apr 68 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 62-4384 jknudten@NSexecpc.com .
Kollas, Ron (Slim)  Feb 66-Nov 66 355th AMS Autopilot Tech RKollas@NScolumbus.rr.com .
Krulikowski, Larry Sep 67-Sep 68 355th AGE Ground power repair larrykay@NSalltel.net .
Langley, Ralph Oct 68-Oct 69 355th FMS R & R Shop RGLANGLEY@NSCHARTER.NET yes
Lavezzorio, John May 67-Jun 68 355th TFW Pilot F-105 JBL9999@NSaol.com .
Leuci, Walt Apr 67-Apr 68 354th TFS Nose Docks PTLTOWING@NSMSN.COM  yes
Loebig. Bob Jan 67-Jan 68 357th TFS Weapons Tech bcloebig@NSrtcol.com yes
Long, Larry W. Oct 69-Oct 70 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 zappata@NSearthlink.net yes
Long, Larry Jan 68-Jan 69 355th AEMS  Comm/Nav Shop llong@NSlanier.com yes
Lovlein, Marvin Jan 66-Nov 66 355th TFW Intel Specialist Mglo@NSdeainc.com .
Loveday, Tom Nov 65-Aug 66 355th A&E Fire Control Systems/ECM tloveday@NSaustin.rr.com yes
Lundberg, Bob 64/65 355th Jet Engine Mechanic TDY lundbergconsult@NSnetnitco.net yes
Luzzi, Marsha 69-70 Support Command USO marshams@NScomcast.net yes
McCauley, Robert A. Apr 65-Sep 65 355th TFW TDY Weapons Line Chief MCCAULEY91RETI@NSMSN.COM yes
McComb, Paul Sep 61-Mar 62 Det 14 EARC Pilot HH-19B Hilopilot@NSaol.com  yes
MacLaren, Bill Sep 67-Sep 68 41st TEWS Pilot EB-66 wilmack@NSaol.com  .
McNabb, Clayton Oct 72-May 73 474th FMS  A/R Shop walleye@NSnckcn.com .
McNally, Bill Dec 67-Mar 68 TDY from TSN B066 Crew McBill106@NSAOL.com  .
McNulty, Dennis Aug 70-Nov 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 joysdent@NSmyexcel.com yes
Mahaffey, Randall T. Sep 72-Jan 73 474th OMS/429 TFS Crew Chief F-111 Randall.Mahaffey@NSbolling.af.mil yes
Mangan, Dave Feb 69-Mar 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief alphenk@NSbc.edu yes
Manzi, David Mar 68-Mar 69 354th TFS Weapons Mechanic manzidm@NSearthlink.net yes
Martin, Terry Sep 67-Sep 68 355th TFW Jet Engine Shop 
EB-66/F-105 Engine Conditioning
termart461@NSaol.com yes
Miller, Bill Apr 62-Sep 62 6010 Air Base Group Civil Engineering MILLVENT@NSaol.com  yes
Miller, Dale "Doc" Nov 66-Nov 67 355th TFW Crew Chief EB-66C #385 MDOCSR@NSaol.com  .
Mills, Jerry Jul 73-Aug 73 TDY from Hickham AFB Personnel Spec - Gunfighters JMills1885@NSaol.com yes
Moore, Mike Nov 72-Apr 73 474th TFW TDY 6280th MMS mmdebr1@NSqwest.net .
Morris, Don 72-73 8th TFS 49th TFW F-4 crew dmorris@NScableone.net .
Morris, Roy 67-68 355th TFW . rcmorr@NSyahoo.com .
Munson, Mike Jan 73-Sep 73 429TFW 474 OMS Crew Chief F-111 67-109 mikem@NSgmi.net yes
Nash, John Oct 65-Oct 66 1980th Comms Sq Tropo Site vfw4276@NSmidwest.net yes
Nemes, Pat 65-66 355th A&E F-105 Fire Control nemesp@NSgdls.com  yes
Nix, Calvin Jun 66-Jun 67 354th TFS NCOIC Operations cnix@NSpciol.net .
Olson, Daniel Nov 72-Apr 74 347th TFS Engine Mechanic F-111 DOlson4710@NSaol.com .
Olvera, Simon Feb 70-Aug 70 42nd TEWS Phase Docks SOllieBaba@NSaol.com yes
O'Reilly, Joe Sep 68-Sep 69 355th Dispensary Medical Technician JMOREILLY1@NSaol.com  .
Osborne, Orville Jul 70
Jan 71-72
23rd FMS 
563rd FMS
Aircraft Electirican orvsisq@NSpacbell.net yes
Palmer, Ronald Feb 68-Feb 69 355th Air Police Law Enforcement Investigator PalmerRonald@NSemail.msn.com yes
Parsons, Craig Sep 69-Sep 70 44th TFS
42nd TEWS
Crew Chief F-105 59-1053
Crew Chief EB-66 53-0446
cparsons9@NScox.net yes
Pearson, Charles Dec 67-Dec 68 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 #62-4372 VET1966@NSmsn.com .
Peressini, Lou Jan 73-Jul 73 47th MMS Weapons Loader tb09plt@NSaol.com .
Petmecky, Larry Jan 69-Feb 70 355th TFW Transient Alert/Flight LineJ petmymonkey@NSbendcable.com yes
Rasnick, Fred "Ras" Jun 68-May 69 42nd TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 Fred.Rasnick@NSLUKE.AF.MIL .
Rebbert. Milt May 72-Aug 72 49th AMS Weapons Control Sys Mechanic miltonrebbert@NShotmail.com .
Reed, Paul Jan 68-Jan 69 355th FMS Wash Rack/Corrosion Control pereed3@NSmchsi.com .
Reynolds, Michael Dec 64-Apr 65 355th Air Police Air Policeman ReynoldsAdam3@NSaol.com  .
Rice, Bill Jun 69-Jun 70 1980th Comms SQ NCOIC Ground Radio Comms Billrice37@NSaol.com .
Robinson, H.G. Robby  68-69
355th CSG Rec Services
SP Judo Instructor
Robin0305@NSaol.com  yes
Roy, Joseph Jan 68-Jan 69 355th FMS Aircraft Environmental Repairman jjroy@NS1st.net .
Schaufler, Charles Oct 65-Aug 66 19th TRS Pilot RB-66 PilotRF4C@NSaol.com yes
Schultz, Carl Apr 65-May 66 355th TFW Munitions Carl.Schultz@NSHILL.af.mil yes
Schwaberow, Richard C. Mar 73-Mar 74 6280th CSS Personnel Specialist rcschwaberow@NSyahoo.com yes
Schwob, Hans Sep 72-Jan 73 474th Instrument/Autopilot Shop hschwob@NSmsn.com .
Sellars, Wayne Sep 66-Sep 67 355th Supply Sq Receiving - Base Supply waynesavol@NStds.net .
Seymour, John 68-69 355th AMS Fire Control Technician sey1601@NSbright.net .
Sheesley, Marlin Oct 67-Oct 68 355th TFW Avionics Supervisor
OIC Avionics Instrument Shop
SHEESLMR@NSaol.com .
Sheposh, James Jul 68-Jul 69 355th TFW FMS-AGE F105man@NSmsn.com yes
Sherman, Robert 66 & 67
321st Air Ref Sq Boom Operator Tinkyhtwheels@NSaol.com  yes
Shinn, Charlie Sep 69-Sep 70 355th FMS Electrical Shop CR1825@NStwlakes.net yes
Shuppert, Ben Dec 65-Dec 66 355th TFW Maint Control Officer bshup369@NScharter.net yes
Sloan, Sandy Feb 68-Feb 69 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105D #61-0100 sandy.sloan1@NSjsc.nasa.gov yes
Scalella, Ken Dec 69-Dec 70 355th FMS Fuels Systems Shop paa3567@NSdscp.dla.mil yes
Smith, Bob May 70-Dec 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 #62-4253 SDBLTRBL@NScs.com  yes
Smith, Jack T. Oct 65-Oct 66 355th EMS EOD Technician stateadjutant@NSYahoo.com yes
Smith, Robert May 70-Dec 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 62-4253 SDBLTRBL@NScs.com  yes
Smith, Snuffy May 64-Jun 64 3rd TFW TDY F-100 Engine Shop sheryl@NSpeakonline.com .
Stewart, James "Mack" Jan 70-Oct 70 42nd TEWS . mack.stewart@NScox-internet.com .
Stoeckert, David Feb 68-Jan 69 355th FMS Airframe Repair Tech davenjudy2000@NScoastalnet.com .
Stone, Cliff May 72-Nov 72 49th TFW/8th TFW Crew Chief F4D/Rescue and Repair middeltastone@NSaol.com yes
Strange, William F. Jan 68-Oct 69 355th TFW ECM Pod Shop bstrange47@NSyahoo.com yes
Swiger, James (Barney) Jan 73-74 F-111s Avionics jswiger@NSmsn.com yes
Todd, Robert 64-65 First Mobile TTY Operator toddee@NScore.com  .
Utley, Alvis Dec 66-Dec 67 4252 Strategic Wing SAC Command Post autley@NSaustin.rr.com yes
Waidner, John Feb 68-Jan 69 1980th Comms Sq Crypto john.t.waidner@NSdelphiauto.com yes
Warren, Keith Jun 67-Jun 68 355th FMS J-75 Engines WarrenKS@NSnavair.navy.mil .
Wilcox, Mike (Willy) May 72-Nov 72 49th TFW/ 417th TFS Weapons Mechanic Crewchief Mikesmonza@NSaol.com  yes
Wilks Jim W. Jun 65-Jul 66 355th FMS Aircraft Electrician thebranch@NSmurlin.com yes
Willis, Clint Sep 65 4252nd Strat Wing Instrument Repair Willisc386@NScs.com yes
Withers, Dave 71-72 42nd TEWS EWO RB-66 dmwithers@NSexcite.com yes
Wood, Farrell "Woody"  Oct 72-Oct 74 Transportation Organizational Supply job woodyw1@NSemail.msn.com .
Yerkes, William Jul 67-Jul 68 41st TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 Willyerkes@NSaol.com  .
Zolvinski, Steve Aug 73-Jun 74 6280th SPS PACAF Security Police Supervisor zolvinski.1@NSosu.edu .

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Nighttime thunder over Takhli - the "new" Thai BX in foreground Summer 1970 - photo by Dick Williams

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