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A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY.  If you were stationed at Takhli at anytime please sign in  by sending an email message to

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Anderson, Ken Sep 67-Oct 68 355th MMS Gun Services Weapons Load Team Crew Chief kenbob76@NScharter.net yes
Anglin, Wayne 73-74 347th AMS Avionics Shop wwamaa@NSmsn.com yes
Armour, Rodger Jul 65-Dec 65 4252nd Strategic Wing SAC
Air America
Airborne Nav Systems KC-135s DDoophus@NSaol.com .
Barber, Timothy Sep 68-Sep 69 355th FMS Crash Recovery kapitol@NSkua.net .
Baur, Jerry Dec 69-Dec 70 1980th Comms Sq Tropo Site lpx160@NSaol.com .
Blair, Chuck 73-74 MMS Munitions spookyload@NSsatx.rr.com .
Broshears, Bill Dec 68-Dec 69 355th FMS Electric Shop willbro@NSsbcglobal.net .
Buehner, Steve Feb 67-Feb 68 355th FMS Sheet Metal Shop alssla@NSgci.net yes
Bullard, Denver Sep 69-Sep 70 355th SPS K-9 Unit dbullard@NScfl.rr.com yes
Butler, Mike Aug 65 23TFW TDY Bomb Loader wbutler2@NSwoh.rr.com yes
Bybee, Robert 73 6280th SP Squadron Security Police Robert.Bybee@NSmed.va.gov .
Cantley, Roger Apr 70-Dec 70 42nd TEWS Pilot-EB-66 rcant@NScableone.net .
Carden, Michael May 72-Sep 72 2083 Comms Sq ATC Crew Chief mecarden@NSbellsouth.net yes
Chapman, Harold Aug 72-Jul 73 CBPO Admin Shop Admin chapmanh@NSknology.net yes
Cavan, Todd 66-67 TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 B Todd.Cavan@NStevausa.com yes
Clapp, Bill Dec 68-Dec 69 355th FMS Electric Shop CLPPJB@NSpeoplepc.com yes
Clinton, Thomas Sep 68-Sep 69 355th FMS AGE Shop kk4cd@NSarrl.net yes
Colello, Tom Dec 72-Aug 73 6th Aerial Port Sq Aerial Port 4b@NSintersurf.com yes
Coyne, Jim Feb 67-Feb 68 355th TAC Dispensary NCOIC Emergency Room jwcjr286@NSyahoo.com yes
Day, Bill Jan 72-Sep 73 474th FMS Structural Repair Tech ottoday3@NSmsn.com yes
Deale, Carl Oct 67-Sep 68 42nd TEWS EWO EB-66 cdeale@NSearthlink.net .
Denind, Thomas Nov 66-Nov 67 355th FMS
41st TEWS
Crew Chief EB-66 jden@NSdtgnet.com .
Ellrodt, Bernie Aug 69-Jul 70 354th TFS Pilot F-105 bernie.ellrodt@NSlmco.com .
Estes, Dennis mid 74 474th MMS TDY Munitions estesd@NScox.net .
Evans, Larry Jul 68-Jul 69 355th CSG NCOIC Airman Manning Unit larrye3@NSirtc.net .
Fahringer, Glenn Jun 70-Nov 70 44th TFS mechanic MOFAH49@NSaol.com yes
Felts, Jerry Jan 69 TDY 355th Supply POL Jerry_Felts@NSjetaviation.com yes
Fielding, John Jun 72-Jul 73 6280th NCOIC Ground Safety JField8284@NSaol.com .
Fluck, Robert Nov 67-Nov 68 355th FMS AGE Support Equipment Branch Twobobies@NSaol.com .
Forgue, Geoffrey 69-70 Fire Rescue E4 CHFLYINGCLOUD@NSaol.com .
Fuller, George H. Nov 65-Oct 66 355th FMS NCOIC Egress Shop fredegress@NSnc.rr.com .
Fulmer, Neal Dec 68-Dec 69 355th FMS Electric Shop tifjen@NSbellsouth.net .
Gisclair, Jerry Jan 69-Jan 70 355th AMS EB-66 EWS Shop jerryg@NSmobiletel.com .
Grill, Barry Aug 67-Aug 68 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 bgrill@NShot mail.com .
Gore, Hulan Feb 66-Feb 67 355th CES Electrician hmgore@NSmsn.com .
Hammond, Ralph May 72-Nov 72 49th TFW/MMS Weapons Loader ralphh922@NSaol.com yes
Hachey, Eric Aug 66-Aug 67 Det 12, 10th Weather Sq Weather Observer groundfog@NSprodigy.net yes
Hall, Phil Jun 72-Aug 72 TDY from Taiwan 6214th AB Group Cryogenics pineking@NSgwi.net .
Hendon, Chriss 73-74 6280th SPS Security Police RiHend5@NSaol.com yes
Hermes, Hal TDY 62 63 64
Dec 68-Nov 69
357th TFS Pilot F100 / F-105 HHermes931@NSaol.com yes
Hintz, Ken Jun 69-Jun 70 42nd TEWS Crew Chief 489 & 527 DANGER@NSHUNTEL.NET yes
Hitchcock, David Jun 70-Dec 70 355th Base Ops hitch@NSdoglegs.com yes
Holmes, William 68-69 355th SPS Security williamholmes@NSprodigy.net .
Hunt, Roger Apr 73-Sep 73 SPS Air Base Defense
TDY from Homestead
roger_hunt@NSmsn.com .
Keeler, Jim Feb 72-Aug 72 49th FTW 7th TFS Aircraft Commander F-4 keeler@NSdfsi.net .
Keenum, Michael 69-70 44th TFS Crew Chief MiGMad86@NSaol.com .
Knapp, Jerry Oct 67-Oct 68 354th TFS Crew Chief F-105F #8352 jerryk@NSbushwacker.com yes
Lavender, Mike Jan 73-Jun 73 474th MMS Weapons Mechanic MIKEDLAVENDER@NSaol.com .
Loving, David May 66-May 67 355th CSG/CES Accounting
dllfo2@NScomcast.net yes
Luna, Bront Jun 62-Aug 62 TDY from Cannon AFB Crew Chief F-100 lunatec1@NSairmail.net .
Lynch, Jack Aug 66-Aug 67
333rd TFS Crew F-105 CaptJackLynch@NSaol.com yes
McCleery, Ray Jan 670Jan 68 355th Dispensary . Norniron@NSaol.com yes
McCorry, Ed Jul 68-Nov 68
Apr 72-Oct 72
428th TFS Combat Lancer
TDY from George AFB
F-111 Egress
F-4 Egress
emccorry@NSearthlink.net .
McDaniel, Phil 72-73 TDY F-111 Comms/Nav digitalr@NSpcwan.net .
McDonald, Frank Sep 69-Sep 70 333rd TFS Flight Chief/Expeditor omdhaf@NSour-town.com yes
McJunkin, Mike May 68-May 69 355th FMS Mech F-105 scarleit@NSsouthwind.net yes
McMahon, Bob Sep 69-Aug 70 355th TFW Pilot F-105 Naval57@NSaol.com .
Maccione, Richard May 69-Nov 70 354th TFS Ops Ops Admin rmacchione@NSaol.com yes
Mann, John Apr 72-Jul 73 49th TFW Aircraft Radio Tech MOPFWA@NSrexnet.net .
Mekeel, Bill Jun 69-Jun 70 355th TFW Hydraulic Shop William.Mekeel@NSmed.va.gov .
Miller, Lee Wayne May 67-May 68 42nd TEWS Crew Chief EB-66E #54-445 leewmiller@NScharter.net .
Minoughan, Patrick Sep 69-Sep 70 AFTN Radion Station Program Director pminoughanNS@earthlink.net yes
Mitchell, James Jun 70-Nov 70 42nd TEWS EWO cmebark@NShotmail.com yes
O'Neal, Scott 1972 9th TFS WSO-F4 csoneal@NSyahoo.com
Owens, Jim May 72 TDY 49th Supply Sq Supply tahkli72@NSyahoo.com yes
Owens, Terry Aug 72-Aug 73 Supply POL/refuleing <T_Owens1@NSmsn.com> yes
Parker, Bill Sep 72-Aug 73 366th Supply
6280 Supply
EMO billoy1@NScomcast.net yes
Patchen, Harold 72-73 49th AMS
474th AMS
ECM patchen@NScrd.ge.com .
Patterson, Gene Nov 68-nov 69 1980th Comms Sq Controller GPNKCSC@NSwmconnect.com yes
Pennington, Steve Jun 72-Aug 72 366th FMS . steven.l.pennington@NSboeing.com .
Perl, Doug Aug 69-Aug 70 354th TFS Pilot F-105 drperl@NScox.net .
Peressini, Lou Jan 72-Jul 72 474th MMS Weapons Mechanic Tb09plt@NSaol.com .
Primwhere, Joe Oct 67-Oct 68 357th TFS
Chief Clerk - 357th cjstolzer@NSnetcarrier.com yes
Rackover, Michael "Rocky" Apr 69-Jun 70 355th Hospital X-ray Tech rackoverm@NScomcast.net .
Rectenwald, Larry 64-65 6441 TFW TDY from Yokota Crew Chief F-105 #369 Rec1@NScopper.net yes
Reed, Kevin Jan 73-Jun 73 Supply POL sreid2@NSneo.rr.com .
Ridder, Mike 72-73 474th OMS Crew Chief F-111 67-101 Gntlman552@NSaol.com .
Rogers, Tommy 1965 4th TFW Crew Chief F-105 Cane521@NSaol.com .
Schofield, Earl Feb 66-67 357th TFW Weapons Mechanic ejschof@NSaol.com .
Smith, James 62 or 63 TDY KB-50Accident Investigation c206u@NSmsn.com yes
Sneller, Bob May 68-May 69 355th FMS J-75 Engine Shop SNELLER@NSEARTHLINK.NET yes
Statt, John 72 49th Munitions Weapons Loader statt@NSfuse.net yes
Torbert, Bill Apr 67-Dec 69 355th TFW ECM Shop cg@NStti-inc.net yes
Vick, Orion 72-73 49th TFW EOD orion_vick@NSyahoo.com .
Wain, Francis Jan 69-Feb 70 355FMS Jet Engine Tech awain@NScore.com yes
Waldron, R.D. Jun 67-Jun68 41st & 42nd TEWS NCOIC Life Support 41 & 42 TEWS Frankie205@NScs.com yes
Weaver, Michael Jun 68-Dec 69 355th Supply SQ Receiving windyknollkennel@NSbellsouth.net .
Weldon, Michael Dec 66-Jan 67 TDY . AFRS Main/setup Dighambara@NSaol.com yes
Williams, Stan Mar 69-Mar 70 333rd TFS Jammer Driver/Load Team pdsland@NSbellsouth.net yes
Wood, Harold 71 49th MMS Munitions woody1211@NSmsn.com yes
Wood, Roger Feb 67-Oct 67 6460th TEWS Navigator/EWO/Instructor rs-jaw@NScablelynx.com .
Worden, Randy 67-68 355th TFW AFTN Radio Station Randell_33@NSMSN.com yes
Wright, John C. Jan 69-Jan 70 357th TFS F-105 Pilot
Squadron Ops Officer
wingtipwright@NSaol.com yes
Zolvinski, Steve Jul 73-Jun 74 6280th SPS Security Police s_zolvinski@NShotmail.com .

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