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A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY.  If you were stationed at Takhli at anytime please sign in  by sending an email message to rjw@NSsky.net.
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Name      Dates  Outfit  Duty  Email  More? 
Allison, Ron  Jul 73 - Jul 74 1980th Comm Sq Air Traffic Control rallison@NSpldi.net yes
Anastario, Frank Aug 67-May 69 355th TFW Hydraulic Mechanic fanastar_1@NSyahoo.com .
Arthur, Steve  65 66 355th  Auto Pilot Tech GASEYONE@NSaol.com  yes
Barnhill, Ronald Aug 68-Dec 68 355th AMS Nav Aids rbarnhilljr@NSmsn.com yes
Barry, Dan Jan 70-Sep 70 44th TFW Pilot F-105 Weasel danbarry@NSwavecable.com yes
Bates, Jim  Aug 66 - Aug 67 355th CSG NCOIC Officer Records jadaba@NStbi.net .
Beddingfield, Jerry Nov 65-Aug 66
Feb 67-Feb 68
355th FMS Pneudraulic Tech jerbed33@NScommunitygate.com  .
Behar, Ron Dec 69-Dec 70 355th TFW EB-66 ECM Shop rebehar@NSgru.net .
Bergman, Craig B. Apr 72-Jul 72 49th TFW/AMS Maint rotorhead@NStheriver.com .
Bodenhamer, Howard L.  Jan 67-Aug 67 354th TFS Pilot - F-105 hlbodie@NSearthlink.net yes
Boyd, Truman  May 66-May 67 355th TFW B-66 Phase Docks TrumanBoyd@NSaol.com .
Brandon, Roger May 67-May 68 357th TFS . rbrandon@NSiex.net .
Brewer, Ralph E.  Aug 72-Jan 73 49th TFW F4 Maint Ralph.Brewer@NSinterr.ang.af.mil yes
Bricco, Gordon F. Feb 66-Feb 67 357th TFS Flight Line Gun Crew Gordon_BRICCO@NSudlp.com yes
Brink, Ron Apr 66-May 66 Young Tiger TDY Copilot KC-135 brink@NSintellisys.net yes
Bricoe, Thomas E. Sep 73-Jul 74 347th TFW ECM Pod Tech F-111 tbriscoe@NSrt66.com .
Brock, Tom May 68-Apr 69 355th TFW  EB-66 ECM Shop tomb@NScontrolvalves.com yes
Brown, Barry Nov 68-Dec 69 355th CSG F-105 Weapons Control Tech buggab@NSbellsouth.net yes
Brown, Leon T. 70-71 FMS Elec Shop A/C Electrical Sys ltbrown6@NSpeoplepc.com yes
Bryant, Donald Oct 65-Oct 66 355th TFW Maint Control NCOIC P&S dwbryant@NSwebtv.net yes
Burge, Russell Sep 72-Mar 73 F-111s TDY  Sheet Metal Shop Rburge50@NShotmail.com yes
Byrne, Edward Jul 73-Jul 74 6280th Supply Sq Repair Cycle Support Unit ebyrne@NStampabay.rr.com .
Caldwell, Bob Jun 67-Jun 68 355th AMS EB-66 ECM Shop WEFRAME3@NSMSN.COM yes
Castiaux, David Oct 68-Oct 69 355th FMS Pneudraulic Repair dcastiaux@NSaol.com .
Christensen, Steve Jan 66-Dec 66 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 stephengrant@NCbellsouth.net .
Clark, Stevan D. Apr 72-Jul 72 49th TFW OMS Admin stevanclarksr@NShotmail.com .
Colvard, Richard N. 67-68 355th  ECM Pods F-105s TPRNC@NSsocalgas.com yes
Cooper, Bob Aug 68-Aug 69 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 #59-1772 BigBob@NSispchannel.com .
Coshland, Robert W. Feb 66-Feb 67 354th TFS Munitions ROCOSH@NSaol.com  .
Crane, Lowry Jun 72-Jul 73 6280th SP/366th SP Security Police Lwc850@NScs.com .
Dague, Lloyd May 68-Apr 69 355th FMS Pneudraulics lwdcad@NSinnernet.net .
Day, Charlie May 72-73 11th AARS ARS keylingcharlie@NSnetscape.net yes
DeFazio, Mike Apr 69-Apr 70 42nd TEWS Crew Chief RB-66 mpcust@NSmagpage.com .
Dekker, Bill 1964 Tonkin Gulf TDY KB-50 supporting F-100s bildek@NSaol.com yes
Deno, Keith H. Oct 63-Oct 64 Det 2 AACS Radion Maint NCOIC kdenio@NSruraltel.net .
Dirkes, Skip Apr 66-Apr 67 355th MMS Munitions Tech SkipDirkes@NSaol.com yes
Drake, George  Jun 68-Jan 71 1980th Comms Hill 260 IWCS georgejd2@NShotmail.com .
Drawdy, William D.  Oct 69-Mar 70 355th TFW ECM Repairman David1Drawdy@NScs.com yes
Drolet, John Oct 68-Nov 69 1980th Comms Sq Tactical Radio Stn and MARS  john_drolet@NShotmail.com yes
Easter, Wayne E.  69-70 355th AEMS Aircraft Radio Systems Tech weaster@NShome.com yes
Eaton, Golden  Aug 69-Jan 71 355th SP Base Security geatonjr@NSwebtv.net  yes
Edmunds, Robert Jan 66-Oct 66 41st TRW RB-66 Engine Shop GEO_RUS@NScompuserve.com yes
Eissler, Don Feb 66-Jan 67 355th POL ipappadon@NShotmail.com yes
Ensley, Dick Sep 67-Nov 70 
Apr 73-Aug 73
355th FMS 
374th CSG
AGE Shop 
C-130s for NVN/SVN POW Exchange
nadickE@NSaol.com .
Failla, Philip A. Aug 68 - Jul 69 333 TFS F-105 Nose Dock Chief ucphil@NShotmail.com yes
Fauth, Bill  Sep 70-Oct 70 1980th Comms Sq Air Traffic Controller bfauth@NSmindspring.com yes
Flau, Richard Aug 66-Aug 67 355th FMS Pneudraulic Shop Richard.Flau@NSfaa.gov yes
Fudally, Don 68-69 355th TFW POL- driver and refueling . yes
Gammenthaler, Richard  Dec 67-Dec 68 355th AMS F-105 ECM gammenthaler@NSworldnet.att.net yes
Goff, Bill  May 68-May 69 42nd TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 kids@NSbuyforkids.com .
Goodale, Don May 73-May 74 474th TFS Crew Chief F-111 don.goodale@NShanscom.af.mil  .
Goodman, Robert B. Aug 69-Sep 70 354th TFS  Pilot F-105 bob@NSgoodeng.com .
Greenslade, Charles S. Sep 72-Jun 73 366th Base Supply Document Control crazychuck_23602@NSyahoo.com yes
Hackett, Jim Feb 67-Jan 68
Aug 68-Aug 69
333rd TFS Phase Inspection jimh925@NSyahoo.com .
Hall, Pete Nov 66-Nov 67 354th TFS Bomb Loader AFSC 46270 etep2@NScqc.com .
Heatley, Roland Dec 69-Dec 70  355th FMS Acft Electrician heatmark@NSmaine.rr.com .
Helbing,Tom Jun 67-Oct 68 355th TFW POL Section TDawg46@NSaol.com yes
Helmecki, Richard Jul 67-Jul 68 1980th Comms Sq Nav Aid Repairman rxhemh@NSearthlink.net .
Henry, Donald (Alan) May 72-Nov 72 49th TFW TDY Crew Chief F-4 braindad47@NSaol.com yes
Hoffman, Bob  Oct 67-Oct 68 355th  AGE Shop Oaibob@NSaol.com .
Hoffman, Paul Oct 69-Oct 70 1980th Comms Sq Switchboard Operator peteymax@NShotmail.com .
Holcomb, Dave 65-68 TDY 484th OMS KC-135 Crew Chief dave.holcomb@NSlmco.com yes
Holp, Greg 72 & 73 430th TFS Intell and Documentation codeeann@NSemail.msn.com yes
Howland, William (Bill) Mar 68-Mar 69 355th AMS EB-66 Maint Tech William.Howland@NSGD-ES.COM .
Hubbard, Philip Jul 72-Jul 73 49th TFW Base Supply Computer Operator hubbardpg@NShccc.suny.edu .
Huffman, Willy  Jul 66-Jul 67 357th TFS Scout 2 Driver willie.huffman@NSeglin.af.mil yes
Hussey, Martin Dec 67-Dec 68 355th A&E Fire Control System F-105 mph222@NSadelphia.net .
James, Richard Oct 65-Oct 66 355th Autopilot Tech rjames@NSdcmde.dla.mil yes
Jenkins, Richard Aug 68-Aug 69 41st TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 EB-66C RJen4257@NSaol.com .
Johnston, Gordon May 72-Oct 72 6499th Provisional
TDY from Clark
K-9Handler little@NSlittletreebandb.com .
Jones, Herman Nov 66-Jul 67 4th Tac SP Security Police dwight.h.jones@NSamericredit.com yes
Jumper, Mike Apr 70 - Dec 70 355th Hospital Pharmacy michaeljumper@NShotmail.com .
Kiersey, Mikell Sep 72-Feb 73 4101 SAC AREFSQ Crew Chief Mikellk@NSaol.com yes
Krause, Bill Feb 66-Mar 66 TDY Pilot KC-135  bkrause@NSnetdot.com .
Kresge, Ralph May 72-Jul 72 9TFW 8th TFS Crew Chief and Aero Repair kresge@NSev1.net .
Laakso, G. Art Jul 65-Dec 65
Apr 70-Sep 70
AMS SQ Fire/Weapons Tech arjo@NShumboldt1.com yes
Laarison, Gary 72 4101 ARS FMS electrician  grlarrison@NSearthlink.net ml
Lanouette, Roger May 69-May 70 Det 12 10th Weather Sq Base Weather RLanouette@NSprodigy.net .
Lee, Roy D. Mar 68-Nov 68
Oct 69-Aug 70
44th TFS
F-111Line Chief TDY
F-105 Line Chief 
leerdbj@NSjuno.com yes
Leonard, Larry  Jun 66 - Jan 67 355th FMS Maint linlar.leonard@NSvalley.net yes
Lopez, Benjamin Apr 72-Sep 72 49th TFW/7th TFS Crew Chief F-4D 65-792 Lostristes@NSaol.com  yes
Lynch, Clint TDY 1965 . F-105 Jet Engine Mechanic cel2591@NSaol.com .
McAninch, Arthur N.  Jul 67-Jul 68 42nd TEWS EB-66 Pilot amcaninc@NStampabay.rr.com yes
McClintick, Kenneth May 68-May 69 355th FMS Aircraft Electrician Kenneth.McClintickJR@NSWest.Boeing.com yes
McCoy, Dave Nov 68-Apr 69 357th TFS Crew Chief F-105 cbert@NSalltel.net .
McCuistion, Michael Mar 67-May 67 333rd TFS Pilot F-105D LuRunner@NSaol.com .
McCullough,Mark  Dec 69-Dec 70 
<class="c10">Jul 73-Aug 74
355th Supply SQ 
<class="c10">6280th Supply SQ
Supply mccullough@NShawaii.rr.com yes
McDonald, Guy  Jan 65-Jan 66 355th Air Police guymcd@NSwebtv.net .
McFarland, Tom  June 67-Jun 68 355th MMS Munitions Specialist tom@NStfmcfarland.com yes
McIsaac, Daniel Feb 66-Feb 67 355th CSG Base Finance DKMcIsaac@NSaol.com yes
McKee, Ken Dec 65-Dec 66 355th A&E F-105 Weapons Tech andros2@NScybrtyme.com .
McLean, Ron May 68-May 69 42nd TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 f4ron20@NShotmail.com .
McPherson, Paul  Sep 66-Aug 67 355th FMS AGE Eq Maint BIGMAC2797@NSAOL.COM yes
Mangan, David A. Feb 69-Mar 70 333rd TFS F-105 Crew Chief manganda@NSbc.edu yes
Mann, Jim  62 &63 TDY Mobile Comms Sq Communications   jllm@NSgis.net yes
Mastrocesare, Anthony Nov 67-Nov 68 41st TEWS Crew Chief EB-66 55-384 ajmjr64@NShotmail.com  yes
Mathews, Newton Jan 66-Aug 66 355th Navigator EB-66 texasnonna@NShome.com .
Medvedev, Agu 72 1st Mobile Comms Comms Officer  amed@NSmcc4u.com yes
Mehallick, Dave  Late 67-Late 68  357 TFS F-105 Crew Chief dmdiscus@NSgte.net .
Merryman, Paul Apr 65-Nov 65 355th CSG Personnel and Casualty Officer lopezs@NSlib.enmuros.cc.nm.us .
Mesiter, Paul  67-Jan 68 . Aircraft Radio Repair anewman@NSiland.net .
Miller, Daniel Mar 67-Mar 68 357th TFS Weapons Tech dmiller@NSucom.net yes
Miller, James E. May 69-May 70 Det 12, 10th WX Sq CO - Base Weather jemdhm@NSjuno.com .
Miller, Mike Dec 69-Nov 70 355th TFW Aircraft Electrician MMikecindy2@NSaol.com .
Mohn, Chet Jul 69-Jul 70 354th TFW Crew Chief F-105 Magus47@NSaol.com .
Moore, Jim Feb 66 - Feb 67 354 TFS Weapons Load Team JMoore1142@NSaol.com .
Morris, Roy  Aug 67-Jul 68 1980 Comms Sq  Maint Analyst rcmorr@NSsoftdisk.com  .
Muncey, William (Bill) 65-66 . . mweepee@NSaol.com .
Mykitschak, Jerry Sep 70-Mar 71 355th Security during base shutdown Mykitschak.133@NSrogers.com yes
Neely, Jerry Jul 73-Jul 74 347th FMS F-111 Enviromental Systems bigtex069@NSemail.msn.com .
Nicolosi, Roy S. 74-75 21st TAS - E Flight C-130 Pilot RNicolosi@NSiso.com .
Niswonger, Martin A. Jul 69-Jul 70 354th TFS Crew Chief F-105 387 EAGLE030749@NSaol.com .
Numkena, Bob Apr 72-Oct 72 49th TFW/9th TFS Avionics Instrument Tech BNumkena@NSmsn.com .
Olvera, Joe Jul 66-Jul 67 355th HQ HQ - billeting - Data Processing olvera@NSfreewwweb.com yes
O'Neal, Jim 69-70 355th TFW Doppler Tech on APN-131 JOneal1936@NSaol.com yes
Paasch, Dick 67-68 355th TFW B-66 Crewmember boulderone@NSaol.com .
Palmer, Ron Jan 68-Jan 69 355th AP SQ Investigator in Law Enforcement PalmerRonald@NSemail.msn.com .
Parker, Jerry Jun 66-Jul 67 355th TFW Crew Chief EB-66s dogsheaven@NSearthlink.com yes
Patty, Lloyd  67-68 38th Air Rescue Sq Engine Mechanic patjo1@NSorbitworld.net .
Pavkovich, John H. May 72-Nov 72 49th TFW Crew Chief F-4 nofear37@NSyahoo.coom yes
Perrenot, Travis  Oct 69-Oct 70 333rd TFS Crew Chief F-105 #61-451 ad 61-375 travis.b.perrenot@NSlmco.com yes
Peters, Eugene F.  Mar 68-Mar 69 355th FMS Environmental Shop Efphgmrcamdm@NSaol.com .
Petersen, Darryl Dec 65-Dec 66 355th TFW Munitions tech and loader dpete@NSclinton.net yes
Peterson, Steve "Pete" Jun 69-Jun 70 355th Dispensary Med Tech Dogsbodie@NSwebtv.net yes
Poe, William M. (Bill) mid 60s 6441st TDY Bomb Dump/Fuse Shack McPoes@NSaol.com yes
Polk, Bob Jan 66-Dec 66 355th A&E Maint SQ Maintenance Supervisor brpolk@NSdellnet.com .
Polk, Raemon Jan 70-Dec 70 355th TFW Explosives/Missle/Ground Safety Officer rpolk@NSmindspring.com yes
Price, L. May 67-May 68 354th TFS F-105Crew Chief on
Our Sweet June 4415
LPRICE1@NSkscable.com yes
Ratliff, Earnest Aug 68-Jan 69 355th TFW F-105D Pilot mobum@NSearthlink.net yes
Reiss, Nathan Aug 65-Aug 66 Det 12, 10th WX Sq Weather Officer nreiss@NSAESOP.RUTGERS.EDU yes
Riegel, Alvin Jan 68-Jan 69 357th TFS Bomb Loader ariegel@NSlosch.net .
Roback, Ron Aug 66-Aug 67 355th FMS Machinist rastus6391@NSroadrunner.com .
Robbins, Arnold May 72-Oct 72 49th SPS Security Police Robbins@NSdoor. net .
Rogers, Tommy  65 66 355th TFW  Crew Chief F-105s cane521@NSaol.com  yes
Rough, Ronnie R. Oct 66 - Oct 67 355th TFW Base Newspaper RRough6488@NSaol.com .
Rush, Dan  69-79 355th FMS F-105 R&R Shop/Crash Recovery DRush64089@NSaol.com yes
Scherer, Chuck June 67-Jun 68 355th MMS Munitions Technician cscherer@NSponyexpress.net yes
Schultz, Carl Apr 65-May 66 355th MMS Munitions Specialist carl.schultz@NShill.af.mil yes
Sentman, Tom  May 67-Mar 68 601st Photo Sq Commander - Det. 2 tsentman@NSemail.msn.com yes
Setlow, Andy Oct 66-Nov 66 41st TRS EB-66 EWO AndySetlow@NSatt.net .
Shank, Dennis Sep 72-Mar 73 49th TFW
428th Buccaneers Sq
Jet Engine Shop dennis.shank@NSjsf.mil yes
Sheets, Larry Feb 67-Feb 68 355th FMS Sheet Metal Shop Keepemflying@NSaol.com yes
Sherwood, George 1967 354th TFS  Crew Chief F-105 KA80YE@NSprodigy.net yes
Simek, Eugene  70-71 355th Supply NCOIC Supply Computer Operations genmav@NSdtgnet.com .
Simmons, Joe L.  Jul 73-Jul 74 428th TSF  Flight Ops Swamp_Ratt@NSwebtv.net yes
Simon, Ross  Feb 68-Sep 68 601st Photo Commander - Det 2. usaftv@NSprodigy.net yes
Simowitz, Marty Jul 67-Jun 68 355th Supply Sq NCOIC 538 Section HIDEMEY@NSaol.com .
Singer, Sandy  Jul 69-Jul 70 44th TFW F-105 Crew Chief jetmech9x@NSlvcm.com .
Skutt, Ken Dec 69-Dec 70 355th SP Security Police seneca1@NSmediaone.net .
Smith, Ben  Jan 67-Jan 68 355th CSG  Pilot C-47 Base Flight Ops mjsmith1@NSswbell.net  .
Smith, Bill May 64-Jun 64 F-100s Maint catfisharky@NSyahoo.com yes
Smith, Edward W. Feb 66-Feb 67 355th A&E  EB-66 A&E esmithdmepromo@NSmsn.com .
Smith, Mike Oct 68-May 69 333rd TFS F-105 Crew Chief  smithmd2@NSgte.net yes
Smith, Robert W. Jul 73-Jul 74 . Security Police r438@NShotmail.com yes
Sparks, Bill Apr 65-Aug 65
May 67-Dec 67
563rd TFS 
357th TFS
Pilot F-105 sparkies@NSlvcm.com yes
Spice, Sam . TDY From CCK Crew Chief C-130 oldsalty@NSknology.net yes
Starnes, William H.  Sep 67-Sep 68 41st TEWS EWO Flt Commander starnes@NSconc.tds.net .
Steinbach, Roger May67-May 68 354th TFS Asst Crew Chief F-105 rogerstein@NSaol.com yes
Stenson, Steve Sep 65-Jun 68 6 AREFS Navigator Habus3@NSaol.com .
Stone, Henry Dec 65-Oct 66 354th TFS Night shift expediter fishman2@NSusit.net yes
Strow, Joe Jul 66-Feb 67 354th TFS F-105 Pilot JStrow@NSaol.com .
Sturgill, Dale Jun 68-Jun 69 355th Supply Clerk- Base Supply and PO dalesturgill@NShotmail.com yes
Taylor, Mike  Feb 67-Feb 68 355th CSG Military Pay Clerk rm_taylor@NSjuno.com .
Thebo, Dale Nov 63-Sep 64 Task Force Alfa AGE maint dethebo@NSoceana.net .
Thomas, Sherman Mar 68-Mar 70 355th TFW EB-66 Maint Controller smurfscout@NSwebtv.net  yes
Toles, David  Mar 68-Nov 68 428th TFS TDY with F-111 snafu2@NSthe-onramp.net .
Turner, Gary Jan 67-Dec 67 357th TFW Munitions gkturner@NSsprynet.com .
Tweedle, Rich Jan 66-Jan 67 355th TFW A&E Weapons Control rtweedle@NScomcast.net yes
Velsko, Pete Sep 66-Sep 67 355th FMS Acft Mechanic F-105/EB-66 velskope@NSxyz.net yes
Ventress, Ramdy late 70 42nd TEWS Crew Chief - EB-66 randyv19@NShotmail.com yes
Venturini, Ron Aug 67-Mar 68 357th TFS Pilot F-105 ronvent@NSwebtv.net .
Wandersee, Daniel  Sep 72-Apr 73 366 MMS  6280 MMS  Munitions Technician daniel@NSglobalsite.net .
Waring, Chuck Oct 65-Oct 66 1980 Comms Sq Base Comms Center chuck@NSprivat.dk yes
Washington, James 74 . F-111 Engine Mechanic WashJames@NSaol.com yes
Washington, Mary 74 . Supply Inventory Specialist WashJames@NSaol.com yes
Weber, Harry Dec 68 - Aug 70 355th TFW F-105 Crew Chief Harrymweber@NSaol.com .
Weedon, James Nov 73-Jul 74 Special Services Arts/Craft Center. JPARFOUR41@NSaol.com .
Whelan, Edward Jul 67-Jun 68 TEWS Sq Crew Chief EB-66 eow@NSgyyr.com yes
Whitesides, Vance 1962 - 2 days 507th CCGp
727th TCS
Air Traffic Control w7yak@NSarrl.net .
Wiley, Terry Jan 68-Dec 68 357th TFS Weapons coyote@NSvbe.com .
Willis, Joseph F. 66 - 67 354th TFS Crew Chief F-105s 624266/624388 cwwmad@NSplateautel.net yes
Wilson, Gary L.  Ju 67-Jul 68 355th SPS  Security Police grywlsn1@NScswebmail.com .
Witte,Tom Jan 73-Sep 73 474th TFW F-111 Electrician TWitte5045@NSaol.com yes
Wood, Steve Mar 69-Jan 70 355th TFW  Security Police SWood50170@NSaol.com .

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 The Memphis Belle - 357th TFS / 355th TFW - Takhli RTAFB
F-105D 60-504 on display at USAF Museum- Wright Patterson AFB OH

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