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Roster of Takhli Vets - 1998 entries

A listing of Takhli Vets - both permanent party and temporary duty or TDY.  If you were stationed at Takhli at anytime please sign in  by sending an email message to rjw@NSkcsky.net.

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Bartholomew,Jim "Bart" 72 - 73 49th TFW Frag Shop in 72
1SOS Ops in 73
jimbart1@NScox.net .
Beland, Duane 96 TDY AK ANG . beland@NSmosquitonet.com .
Benjamin, Gregory TDYs 96-98 353 Special Ops Gp Cobra Gold GARBENJAMIN@NSprodigy.net Yes
Berkhouse, Franklin "Berky" Oct 67-Oct 68 355th FMS AGE Shop Frankems@NSaol.com .
Blanchette, Jerry Apr 72-Dec 72 366th HQ SQ Wing Training NCO jb104@NSfreewwweb.com Yes
Bostwick, Byron Feb 67-Feb 68 357 TFS Weapons Mech bbostwick1@NScomcast.net Yes
Brocklebank, Gary 68-69 355th FMS Powered AGE  GARYTAKHLI6869@NSwebtv.net .
Brown, Bill Sep 68-Sep 69 355th AMS F-105 Doppler  BBrown98@NScox.net Yes
Chell, Tim Nov 73-Jul 74 347th TFW  PIO Cobra Editor TimChell@NSaol.com Yes
Cloud, David L. May 72-Jul 72 11th Air Refueling SQ Altus AFB TDY Chief Clerk GOTTABFREE@NSMSN.COM Yes
Collins, John May 72-Jul 72 366th Services Sq Billeting JColl34718@NSaol.com
Comerford, Richard Mar 73-Aug 73 6280 CSG 
474th  TFW
Weapons Safety Officer richard.comerford@NShq.doe.gov Yes
Cooper, Bob Aug 68-Aug 69  333 TFS
. bcooper@NSdatasync.com .
Deal, Bill Feb 66-Feb 67 355th Security Police Squadron Investigator Billeo@NSmsn.com .
Dean, Bobby Aug 67-Aug 68 333rd TFS F105 Crew Chief deanranch@NSlvcm.com Yes
Dial, David  Jun 98 . Cobra Gold 98 Dave.Dial@NSkadena.af.mil Yes
Dunn, Michael Nov 66-Nov 67 355th TFW EB-66 Nose Docks mjdbkpa13@NSaol.com .
Erickson, Bill Jan 69 -Dec 69
Jan 73-Jan 74
354th TFS
428th TFS
F-105 pilot
F-111 pilot
thudf105@NSix.netcom.com .
Evans, John Jan 69-Oct 70 601st Photo Flt Photo Tech JEvans2034@NSez-net.com Yes
Farwell, Len Sep 67-Sep 68 42nd TEWS EB-66 Nav db4465@NSdragonbbs.com Yes
Francisco, Ed Jun 68-Jun 69 41st TEWS acft mechanic esvar@NSbellatlantic.net Yes
Glasser, Jeff May 72-Jun 72 49 TFW/AMS . jbigfoot@NSee.net .
Gunderson, Lance Jul 66-Jul 67 355th MMS EOD Team  eodlance@NShotmail.com Yes
Gurner, Jack Apr 69-Apr 70  601st Photo Sq Photographer jgurner@NSwatervalley.net Yes
Hagedorn, Mark Nov 68-May 69 355th TFW Weapons Mech hags@NSattbi.com Yes
Hagler, Ronald Mar 68-Mar 69 42nd TEWS EB-66 Crew hagler@NSrobles.callutheran.edu .
Hammerele, Bob Nov 66-Jul 67 354th TFS F-105 Pilot thuddr@NSgateway.net Yes
Hanson, Jack May 72-Oct 72 49th AP SQ Air Police Huneybuns2000@NSaol.com Yes
Hart, Dave Feb 73  AFTN Linebacker II dhart@NScftnet.com Yes
Harvey, Ron Jul 69-Jul 70 355th Supply Sq Stock Control Ofcr ronharvey@NScsi.com Yes
Hazlett, James Sep 70-Jan 71 Rescue Sq Rescue Medic hazl1@NShome.com .
Henninger, Jan Feb 66-Feb 67 41st TRS  EB-66 Elint Analyst jhennin@NScopper.net Yes
Hill, Murray May97-Jun 97 353 OSS Comms Cobra Gold 97 Murray.Hill@NSkadena.af.mil Yes
Huntley, Bob Jun 67-Feb 68 354th TFS Pilot F-105F Wild Weasel bobh@NSygbsm.com Yes
Inman, John Nov 72-Nov 73 Trans Sq Port Call Clerk John.Inman@NSincirlik.af.mil .
Irish, Jay Sep 67-Aug 68 
Sep 69-Oct 70
357th AMS WCS Tech malacca@NSfreewwweb.com .
James, Tom Feb 68-Beb 69 42nd TEWS EB-66 Crew TJames5146@NSaol.com .
Janey, Richard Jan 68-Jan 69 42nd TEWS Intelligence MICHBELLPA@NSaol.com Yes
Jerry, Gary Aug 67-Aug 68 333rdTFS F105 Crew Chief gjerry@NSnmu.edu
Kastning, Garry Jul 72-Sep 72 434th TFS Linebacker II GLK71@NSaol.com Yes
Kent, Kirk May 98-Jun 98  320 STS Ground Radio Maint kentmi24@NSmarinemwr.or.jp .
Kevis, Gerald Sep 67 - Sep 69 357th FMS Pneudralics GKevis@NSaol.com .
Kleeman, Bob Jan 68-Jun 68 2955 CLSS F105 Weasel Mods bkleeman@NSpsci.net Yes
Koehler, Mike Aug 69-Aug 70 1980th Comms Sq Tower Controller stylist4@NSjuno.com Yes
Kurz, Jerry Jan 67-Dec 67 357 TFS Weapons Tech jerrykbear@NSworldnet.att.net Yes
Lambert, Stanley 69-70 355th TFW Tower Controller glambert@NSflare.net Yes
Lawlor, Dave Dec 66-Dec 67 355th Supply NCOIC - Inventory Section TallyhoDnl@NSaol.com Yes
Lobdell, Jim Nov 66-Nov 67 333rd TFS F105 Crew Chief JLOBDELL@NSINFWA.ANG.AF.MIL
Lowe, Richard Nov 66-Aug 67 355th TFW ECM Pod Tech Sailorsoul@NSaol.com .
Lumpkin, James Jan 67-Jan 68 
Aug 68-Aug 69
357th TFS
354th TFS
Weapons loader icvmchd@NStallassee.net Yes
McCutchan, Neil Jan 65 TDY HH-43 Pilot NeilJMc@NSaol.com Yes
Mahoney, Robert early 74-TDY Utapao KC-135 Task Force Radio Maint Tech rgmahon@NSworldnet.att.net .
Maldonado, Dennis Mar 70-Sep 70 42nd TEWS EB-66 Pilot dennis67@NSbellsouth.net Yes
Marshall, Bert Sep 72-May 74 366 Supply F-111 Avionics takhli@NSjeepmadness.com Yes
Metheringham, Lin May 72-Oct 72 49th TFW HQ . metheriv@NSamaesd.k12.mi.us .
Meyer, Lou "Looper" Jul 66-Feb 67 41st TRS Raven 4 lousherry@NSjps.net .
Miller, Ed 69-70 44th TFS Crew Chief F105G effie@NSdtgnet.com
Moody,Dennis 67-68
TDY C-130 IFE MoonBeam@NSdigiscape.com Yes
Nerdrum, John May 68-May 69 357th TFS F-105 Crew Chief Optika_M@NSwebtv.net Yes
Neville, Dave Apr 68-Jun 69 355th AEMS F105 ECM pods dneville68seavet@NSaol.com Yes
Olmstead, Jeff Mar 68-Mar 69 354th TFS Weapons Mech olmsteje@NSpb.com Yes
Parker, John Apr 72-Oct 72 49TFW/9TFQ GIB - F4D amosthefamous@NSpvtnetworks.net Yes
Parsons, Lynn  1960 TDY 21st TCS Naha AB C-130 Loadmaster lynn@NSilnk.com Yes
Reed, Ralph May 72-Nov 72 43rd AARS Airborne Firefighter  RReed10910@NSaol.com  Yes
Reitz, Wayne Jun 72-Dec 72 6280 MMS Weapons Tech WReitz1058@NSaol.com Yes
Ryan, Tom Aug 67-Aug 68 1980th Comms Gp . tomryan7@NSatt.net .
Sand, Mike Aug 68-Aug 69 338 FMS- Korat
TDY Takhli
Pneudralics rsandman1@NShome.com .
Schreiber, Gary Jan 67- Jan 68 41st TEWS EB-66 Crew Chief schrib@NSwebtv.net .
Shadforth, Rick Mar 69-Mar 70 355th AMS Avionics Spec shad4th@NSyahoo.com Yes
Shirley, Rod Jan 68-Dec 69
Jun 69-Sep 70
355 FMS Struc Repair Spec rod5606@NSbigfoot.com Yes
Smith, Bobby Jan 67-Jan 68 355 Trans Sq . BLSMITHPLCNETB@NSwebtv.net Yes
Snow, David Apr 69 - Sep 70  Base Photo Lab Photographer and Photo Technician davesnow@NSsbcglobal.net Yes
Teague, Bill May 68-May 69 Civil Engineering Red Horse unit copndocspop@NShotmail.com .
Traywick, Jim Nov 69-Oct 70
Dec 72-Jun 73
333 TFS/355 TFW F-105 Crew Chief
F-111Crew Chief
traywick@NSite.net Yes
Urango, Gerald Aug 69-Aug 70 357th TFS F105 Crew Chief urangog@NSvcss.k12.ca.us
Wallace, Joe Sep 70-Nov 70 355 CSG Intel Ops jjaywallace@NSenaila.nidlink.com Yes
Watts, Chuck Feb 66-Feb 67 355th Trans. Sq . Cwatts9375@NSaol.com .
Wible, John Jan 65-Jan 66 1973rd Comm SQ Radio/Switchboard aireport@NSworld-net.net Yes
Williams, Dick May 69-May 70 Det 12 10th WX Sq Weather Fcstr webmaster@NStakhli.org Yes
Williams, Don Sep 64-Nov 64 TDY from Clark F-100 support dswilliams@NSipa.net Yes
Yoders, Don early 74-base close 601 Photo SQ Det. Chief donmyod@NSdigitalexp.com .
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 The Memphis Belle - 357th TFS / 355th TFW - Takhli RTAFB
F-105D 60-504 on display at USAF Museum - Wright Patterson AFB OH

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