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13 Feb 06

My name is Robert C. Athey, Jr, (R. C). I was TDY from Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan from about Jun 73 till Sep 73. There were 12 of us from Kadena. I was assigned to the CBPO, worked in the classification section.

If anyone who knew me and has or can get a copy of those TDY orders, I would really appreciate it. The orders would help me in getting some back annual leave. I am the AOD, working for the VAMC-Salisbury, NC. So if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Kap-khun Mach

Robert Athey

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18 Mar 06

Seems like most of the discussion revolves around the 65 - 67 era, when I was at Udorn in the 432 FMS Crash Team. I was actually at Takhli from Oct 68 to Sep 69.

I had a real good bud that flew in sooeys; and saw the 111s leave. I was NCO of the MO. or Qtr, in spite of all the trouble I got myself into because of my drinking. Missed the pot (devil weed) though - until later, in college.

Still trying to remember stuff.


Robert Biegel

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3 Feb 06

I was stationed at Takhli from May 1969 to April 1970. I was a crew chief on EB66C # 469. I think I assigned to the 42nd TEWS.

It has been a long time. If I remember correctly there was a 41st TEWS and a 42nd TEWS. Sometime in 1969 41st TEWS and some of their airplanes went away. It was part of some government BS scaling back the war.

I also remember when a bunch of B52's came to Takhli TDY for a few weeks while their runway was being repaired. They were parked next to us.

Roger Hall

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24 Feb 06

I was in the 1980th comm sq. I worked in the control tower,(air traffic controller) with Don Badgett and Doug Boyce, I was there from Nov.69 -May 70.Then I went to NKP

John C. James

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26 Feb 06

I was stationed at Takhli from 21 JAN 70-28 NOV 70. Was an Air Traffic Controller in RAPCON (Radar Approach Control)in 1980TH Communications Squadron; primary job was GCA (Ground Control Approach).

Never worked with a better group of men! Great assignment!

George Larry Vann

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Flight of Four over Takhli

Flight of four F-105s over Takhli RTAFB during 1969 Red River reunion - photo courtesy Bob George

Dick Williams

9 Jul 076