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11 Aug 2010

I arrived in Takhli the day before Thanksgiving and was assigned to the 333rd TFS. The crew chief that was assigned to F- 105 ( Tail # 772 ) was returning to the states the first of December and I was put with him to learn the aircraft and take over as head crew chief when he left. It was a great aircraft to crew and all the personnel were first rate. Major Swafford was the pilot assigned to the aircraft, she had two Migs to her credit and the major called the aircraft " MY HOT MAMA " .

I would like to hear from personnel assigned to the 333rd TFS that were their between Nov.68 and Nov. 69

Kenneth Emerick

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16 Jul 2010

On hand when the F-111's arrived. Was first person on scene of EB-66 crash on Thai side of base. Helped recover remains of two crewmembers, including the pilot.

Tom Pendergraft

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19 Aug 2010

I was first at Takhli with F-100s in 1962 in the 481st TFS TDY from Cannon AFB NM. we cleaned out two Jap Barracks to live in, and built the First Club. Named it the Corba Cobana. I was there next in 1966 assigned to the 333rd FS as Crew Chief on F-105s and last in 1968 with Combat Lancer an F-111As with the 428th from Nellis Nev.

James Sercey Msgt Ret

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22 May 2010

I am Navy, not a pilot but a constructor. Was assigned to the Officer in Charge of Construction Thailand from May 67 to May 69. The first 18 months was at Takhli followed by 6 months at Korat. Much of the modern facilities I was instrumental in building, additional parking ramp, hangar, water and sewer treatment plants, power upgrades, ammo storage, roads, ramp jet fueling system and more. Glad to have served with a fine bunch people of the US Air Force.

Charles Simon

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Flight of Four over Takhli

Flight of four F-105s over Takhli RTAFB during 1969 Red River reunion - photo courtesy Bob George

Dick Williams

27 Sep 2010